Of Grave Importance

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You in Danger, Hardy Boys

This Week's Crapped-Out Piece Of Automotive Trash. Invisible Dead Whitman stomps his foot down on the gas pedal, then manifests himself in a somewhat successful attempt to scare the living shit out of Our Intrepid Idiots while he twists and wrenches at the steering wheel, but as this seems like an unnecessarily complicated way for him to kill them when he could have just rammed his spectral fists into their chests back at Stately Van Ness Manor, I'll be skipping ahead to the bit where Dumbass El Deano somehow manages to regain control of this week's crapped-out piece of automotive trash, after which he and Dimwit Sammy hop out, quickly locate that rando skeleton key, and -- get this -- shoot it with bullets until it's dead. Kick ass. For whatever reason, shooting the rando skeleton key with bullets until it's dead sends Dead Whitman shrieking back to Stately Van Ness Manor, so Our Intrepid Idiots proceed to The Bodega Bay Cemetery, where they commence with the desecration of Whitman Van Ness's grave.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dead Bobby and Dead Annie escape from that tastefully-appointed den mere seconds before Dead Whitman charges into the room. Though, you know, why Dead Whitman bothered to walk all the way up there from the foyer below when he could have just zotted know what? Fuck it.

Bodega Bay Cemetery. The desecration continues apace.

Stately Van Ness Manor. Dead Whitman zots himself back down to the foyer to make psychotic noises at Dead Bobby and Dead Annie until he rams his spectral fist into Dead Bobby's incorporeal chest. DUN!

Bodega Bay Cemetery. The desecration is complete.

Stately Van Ness Manor. Perhaps significantly, Dead Whitman shouts, "I will not be taken!" before howling and wailing and blazing his merry way on off to wherever the hell dead ghosts go on this show and, the instant his connection with Dead Bobby is broken, the ghastly hairball collapses to the foyer carpet, unconscious.

Bodega Bay Cemetery. Our Intrepid Idiots stand around looking pretty while what's left of Whitman Van Ness turns to ash in its coffin.

Stately Van Ness Manor. Dead Bobby awakens just as Sam and Dean return and, much to everybody's surprise, Our Intrepid Idiots can actually see him now. Before anyone can do anything about it, though, they all get knocked into this evening's final CHOMP!-less commercial break.

Stately Van Ness Manor. Immediate aftermath. And let's start wrapping this up, shall we? What follows here is, quite honestly, a nicely-played little reunion scene between Dead Bobby and Our Intrepid Idiots, after which Dead Bobby leads the boys upstairs to commence with the mass cremation of Whitman Van Ness's multitudinous victims, but because they say nothing to each other that's of relevance to any of the plotlines this show's got going at the moment, I'll be skipping ahead to...

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