Of Grave Importance

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You in Danger, Hardy Boys

Dean dryly observes that Miss Annie somehow managed to find herself in an awful lot of foxholes over the course of her storied career and, after Miss Annie fails to answer her phone, the boys toast to "ghosts that aren't there," with Dean lacing his restaurant coffee with a shot from Dead Bobby's ever-present flask. And as they slowly realize they're being stood up, Dead Bobby's ever-present flask creaks back and forth atop the tablecloth, seemingly of its own accord. DUN!

Bodega Bay Marina. Our Intrepid Heroes approach this week's crapped-out piece of automotive trash, fretting as one over Miss Annie's apparent disappearance, until Darling Sammy sees fit to suggest Dashing El Deano pack Dead Bobby's ever-present flask away for no other reason than to offer the camera a chance to swing back to the car's passenger seat and show us that Dead Bobby's been listening to their entire conversation. D'OH! Dead Bobby scowls, and with that, we're off to...

...Miss Annie's motel room, which Our Intrepid Heroes have broken into, though how they knew where she was staying, I'll never know. And while Sam and Dean riffle through Miss Annie's research on a series of mysterious disappearances tied to the "old Van Ness house" there in town, Dead Bobby complains, "Guys, I just made that curtain shimmy!" Of course, neither Sam nor Dean can hear him, so Dead Bobby makes a few more griping noises to himself while Our Intrepid Heroes decide to check out Stately Van Ness Manor on their own. Unfortunately, Dean exits Miss Annie's motel room with neither his jacket nor the flask, which naturally has the effect of stranding Dead Bobby where he stands. Fortunately, Dean quickly ducks back in to yank both jacket and flask out the door, and Dead Bobby buzzes and zots out to this week's crapped-out piece of automotive trash with a weary and sardonic, "Thank you!"

Stately Van Ness Manor. Our Intrepid Heroes perform a little flashlight-fu upon entering, but there's nary a trace of last night's dead fornicators to be found. The boys quickly pass through the foyer to investigate the further corners of the house, but something ominous stops Dead Bobby in his tracks, and we watch as he goggles and gapes at that certain ominous something for a bit until the camera flips around to reveal that the foyer and grand staircase are positively teeming with sullenly silent spectral apparitions -- representing a variety of past decades, if their clothes are anything to go by -- and DUN! Bobby gamely attempts to address his fellow earthbound spirits, despite the decidedly unfriendly death glares several of them shoot in his general direction, but it's all for naught, as not a single one of the surrounding apparitions bothers with a reply.

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