Of Grave Importance

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You in Danger, Hardy Boys

Anyway, with his purely expository purpose having thus been fully served for the evening, Dead Haskell wanders off, leaving more than enough room for Our Intrepid Heroes to bumble back into the parlor, where they proceed to chat uselessly at each other for a few very long moments, never once noticing the ghosts around them, including the sassy little flapper who's positioned herself right next to Dead Bobby for whatever reason. I'm thinking it was probably a lot of fun to be an extra in this episode. I'm also thinking I wouldn't be surprised to learn that more than a few of them tried to steal their costumes when it was over. In any event, Dead Annie yells at Our Clueless Heroes for a bit, but they just go wandering off somewhere else, and it's at this point that Dead Bobby spots a fragile-looking lass peering intently at him from across the room. "Is it me," Dead Bobby wonders, "or am I being checked out?" "No, stud," Dead Annie realizes, "I'm being checked out." Bamp-chicka-wow-wow. Alas, there will be no hot ghost-on-ghost action this evening, for the fragile-looking lass is simply seeking their assistance. In fact, it was this long-dead "Victoria" person who left that frantic haze of EVP on Dead Annie's voicemail earlier in the week. Polite introductions are made, after which Dead Annie asks of Dead Victoria, "So, what exactly did you mean when you said, 'Free me'? Free you from what?" Unfortunately, before Dead Victoria can provide them with an answer, Dead Bobby suddenly buzzes and zots on out of there, because...

...Our Intrepid Heroes have returned to this week's crapped-out piece of automotive trash, and ghosts like Dead Bobby can't be too far away from the objects they've linked themselves to. Which is a fact I'm thinking will become important later, because otherwise, why bother reminding us of it here, right? Right. Anyway, in spite of Dead Bobby's loud and repeated objections, Our Intrepid Heroes decide to backtrack their way through Dead Annie's research, and with that, Dean keys the ignition, and the boys plus Dead Bobby motor on over to...

...The Bodega Bay Historical Society, where Our Intrepid Heroes find themselves on the receiving end of a lengthy and fact-filled lecture regarding the origins of Stately Van Ness Manor from an exceedingly helpful albeit somewhat supercilious docent while Dead Bobby tries and fails to knock a nearby lantern off its hook. And I totally didn't notice this when this episode originally aired, but because of Dead Bobby's spectral presence in the room, the supercilious docent's breath becomes visible at several points during the scene. Which, you know, you'd think would trigger some sort of reaction from Sam and Dean, but this is apparently one of those weeks where Our Intrepid Heroes decide to be total fucking idiots for the entire hour, so the visible streams of air shooting from the supercilious docent's mouth remain unremarked-upon, allowing us all to focus on the origins of Stately Van Ness Manor instead. Long story short, the house was built by a forty-niner who made a fortune during The Gold Rush, and it eventually passed into the hands of that gentleman's son, "Whitman Van Ness," who also happens to be the tall, dark, and spectral Arrow Collar Man from a couple of scenes ago, as we can see from a portrait on one of the society's walls. The fat guy from the pre-credits sequence is "Dexter O'Connell," an ex-con Whitman Van Ness hired as a groundskeeper and who later was convicted of murdering Whitman's fiancée the night before they were to be wed. Whitman Van Ness retreated into isolation after the death of his intended, losing the family's fortune in the process, and Stately Van Ness Manor ended up functioning as a high-end whorehouse for a few years before being boarded up for good. Got all that? Good. And when the boys are about to take their leave, the somewhat supercilious docent issues the following warning: "Stay away from the place. It's extremely unsafe." Our Intrepid Idiots are all, "Righty-o!" and with that, they retire to...

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