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The Hardy Boys Go Where Angels Fear to Tread

Castiel, somewhat recovered from his earlier ass-kicking, is naturally horrified at what he's just witnessed, but there's no time for that, for they've got to deliver Dean's battered body to the hospital, which is where we next find him, propped up in a bed in a medically induced coma while a respirator does his breathing for him. Sam anguishes over his brother's unconscious form for a moment before storming out into the hall to demand a miracle from the miraculously healed Castiel, but the angel can't do that. Sam, enraged, shouts, "You and Uriel put him in there because you can't keep a simple devil's trap together!" "This whole thing was pointless!" he continues. "The demons aren't doing the hits -- something else is killing your soldiers!" I love it when Sam gets shouty. Woof. "Perhaps Alastair was lying," Castiel quietly suggests, struggling to maintain his otherworldly equanimity under Sam's relentless -- and relentlessly tantalizing -- assault. "No!" Sam spits back immediately, with the certainty that comes only from sucking the blood out of your undead girlfriend's arm. "He wasn't!" And with that, The Corpse-Sucking Anti-Christ Ginormotron spins on his heel to flounce back into Nearly Dead Dean's room, leaving Castiel alone with his -- wait for it -- doubts.

Somewhere else, Uriel sits alone in a snow-encrusted park until Castiel materializes beside him, and as this episode's now entered its utterly bizarre -- albeit utterly enjoyable, given who stars in it -- Last Temptation Of Castiel phase, I'll try to keep things brief. Long story short, Uriel's received his revelation from their superiors, and those superiors want the current investigation into the garrison members' deaths shut down immediately. Uriel interprets this as a sign the situation's deteriorating Up There, but Castiel believes divine will is still at work, and that they're being punished for failing to save the seals. Uriel's all, "You're crazy, bitch," and flutters the hell on out of there before he ends up with a sucking neck wound of his own. My Poor Little Sweet Baboo sits on the park bench all by his confused lonesome for a while until...

...later that night, he calls out for Anna's assistance, and after he says the magic word, she materializes at his side to demand, "What do you want from me?" Castiel levels those beautiful blue eyes at her and admits, "I'm considering disobedience." Hee. "He's awfully polite, don't you think?!" He is indeed, Raoul. "We should invite him to supper!" Raoul, don't start. "What!?" We've already had words regarding your eating habits, and I don't even want to begin discussing the impossibility of having a fake angel from the television set over to dine with an imaginary gay dragon from the Internet, so don't start. "I'm sure I don't know what you mean! He'd be a charming companion at the table!" Never mind.

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