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The Hardy Boys Go Where Angels Fear to Tread

My Sweet Baboo, not nearly as ecstatic with this turn of events as Raoul is, looks deeply sad -- well, as deeply sad as a creature with no emotions could possibly look, I suppose -- and murmurs, "Goodbye, sister," as the rain continues to sluice down around his head, though for some strange reason, all that water appears to hit neither Castiel nor his now-dead fellow angel on the ground. No matter, for a squadron of cop cars and emergency vehicles have now appeared in the far blurry background of the shot, and it's time for Castiel to skedaddle before these pesky human arrivals begin asking him uncomfortable questions. And sure enough, by the time the officers have disembarked and jogged on over to the fresh corpse, Castiel's disappeared in that funny little way of his, and the camera leaps above the dead angel to pull itself backwards and up into the storm in a lovely little parallel to the swirling overhead that began the season of Dean standing next to his empty grave. Other lovely little parallels of note? The blonde's hair and body are positioned in exactly the same way as Burnt Mary and Jessica's were way back during the series premiere. Sometimes I love this show. So. Much! And as the searchlight from the police helicopter rakes across the scene below, we catch a glimpse -- on the asphalt on either side of the angel corpse -- of the scorch marks left behind from the immolation of a pair of twenty-five-foot-long wings. It's beautiful. Also: DUN!

Flutter, Flutter RAAAWWWR! "Eeeeeeeeeeeee!" shrieks Raoul, as is his wont, before collapsing back onto his cushions to catch his breath, a perfectly manicured paw resting atop his heaving chest. I take it you are pleased, my impressively fanged companion. "[Pant! Pant!] I am indeed! [Gasp! Pant!]" Shall I leave you alone for a moment to recover? "[Gasp! Wheeze!] That would be lovely, you [Choke! Wheeze! Pant!] charming young man! [Gasp! Gasp! Choke! Wheeze! Pant!]" As you wish.

Suddenly, we're flung into the middle of Dean Race 2000 as we slam into an Impala P.O.V. of Metallicar's headlights penetrating a low nighttime mist to pick out vague details of the road ahead as Dean speeds down a back-country lane, and oh, wow. Something's definitely amiss with Our Intrepid Heroes, for it's not Dashing El Deano behind the Impala's wheel at all, as we discover when the camera hops inside to focus on this evening's reckless driver, Darling Sammy! DUN! You know something's seriously fucked up with these two when Dean lets his brother drive. "Ruby'll meet us outside Cheyenne," Sam opens, referring to Princess Embolism, who apparently had been tracking some leads while Our Dear Boys were dumping Show Barnes's rapidly decaying corpse into a shallow grave out in the wilds of Greybull. Needless to say, Depressed El Deano's not thrilled to learn of Princess Embolism's continued involvement in this season's overarching plot, but that's not really what's eating at him during the brief scene that follows. Nope, Dean instead is "just tired" of the whole thing -- the burying of friends, the tracking of Lilith, the consorting with demons, the demands of the angels -- and he wants it all to stop, like, yesterday. "Get angry!" Sam pisses, outraged that Dean's apparently thisclose to throwing in the towel, and Dean hasn't a snappy retort for that at all, so we'll join him in silence until the boys finally reach...

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