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The Hardy Boys Go Where Angels Fear to Tread

Out in the antechamber, Anna finally gets to the point by wondering why Castiel's allowing Dean to torture Uncle Arthur. "Isn't it obvious? The guy's a shitty actor," Castiel unfortunately does not reply. Alas, Castiel's actual response is, "He's doing God's work," and Doubting Anna takes issue with this, claiming their Capital-F Father -- the one neither has ever seen, mind you -- would never order such a thing. "One of our superiors, maybe," she allows, "but not Him." Before we get Castiel's reaction to this, though, it's...

...back to The Abattoir, where Uncle Arthur's noisily gargling some holy water, and I don't know how effective this has been on Alastair, but these endless goddamned scenes are certainly torturing the hell out of me. "Who's murdering the angels?" Dean demands once again. Uncle Arthur can't answer, because he's too busy spitting chunks of his esophagus out onto the floor. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Well, at least someone's enjoying this. "It's true!"

"You think He wants this?" Anna asks, incredulous, once we've rejoined the rudely interrupted scene we're actually interested in. "You think He'd ask this of you? You think this is righteous?" My poor little sweet baboo winces under the assault of Anna's logic, and she's quick to recognize his expression, correctly identifying it as doubt. Uh oh. Castiel closes his weary eyes and shakes his beautiful feathery head around for a bit until...

...again with the fucking holy water, and even the steam and the streams of blood aren't holding my interest anymo... "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Shit.

Anna reaches for Castiel's hand -- and bitch best step away from my man before I steal one of Dean's old-school implements of demonic destruction and CUT HER -- and whispers, "These orders are wrong, and you know it. But you can do the right thing! Together, we--" At this last bit, Castiel tears his hand away from hers in disgust before growling, "'Together'? I am nothing like you!" and there must be something I'm forgetting from that previous episode, because his reaction seems more than a tad extreme, but whatever. She had no business touching My Sweet Baboo in the first goddamned place, so to hell with her. He orders her to leave, and she attempts to reason further with him, but his beautiful blue eyes silently threaten her with a smiting of biblical proportions, so Anna quietly flutters off towards points unknown. For now. Once she's gone, Castiel's steely resolve falters a bit, but unfortunately, before we get a chance to explore that, it's...

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