Out With the Old

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You Guys Should Totally Come To The Hardy Boys' DJ Night!
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Rattle, Rattle WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE THEN! Four and a half very long years ago, Our Intrepid Heroes were introduced to the daring concept of "cursed objects," and even though this evening's THEN! would have us believe that Sam and Dean were subsequently forced to endure several different varieties of the things over the last several seasons, the show in fact pretty much dropped the whole idea until tonight. Therefore, this evening's THEN! is a LYING LIAR WHO LIES. In other thrilling news, Frank Devereaux ran Dead Bobby's numbers through a probability generator to learn they were actually map coordinates pointing towards a vast swath of Northern Wisconsin that had recently been purchased by Richard Roman. Oh, and Darling Sammy is crazy. Again. Some more. Sigh.

Rattle, Rattle STILL NOT GIVING A SHIT NOW! And when the dripping is done, the camera fades up to focus in on a brood of bitchy bulimics as they trash-talk one of their momentarily absent colleagues, and for the second episode in a row, I'm reminded of the fact that I'd much rather be watching RuPaul's Drag Race. The bitchy bulimics on display here, unfortunately, are not fabulously bedizened ladyboys, but are in fact actual, honest-to-God female ballerinas, and as they pack up their toe shoes in their hellishly over-lit dance studio, the object of their snide derision too-casually sashays through the door to toss them a little shade of her own before stripping down to her filmy rehearsal clothes for a little late-night solo practice session. And no, that is not a euphemism for something filthy, and you really need to stop being so dirty-minded about these things. Thanks.

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