Out With the Old

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You Guys Should Totally Come To The Hardy Boys' DJ Night!

Somewhere else, Dean's on the phone again with Frank and, to absolutely no one's surprise, it turns out Bicklebee Realty is actually a subsidiary of Richard Roman Enterprises. Dean hangs up just as Sam arrives, and after Dean catches Sam up to speed on recent events, Dean tries and fails to convince Sleepy Sam to head back to This Week's Never-Seen Motel Room for a little shuteye. Sleepy Sam demurs, as Loud Lucifer's now on his fiftieth run through "Stairway To Heaven" deep inside Sleepy Sam's head, and while Our Intrepid Heroes agree that Lucifer could hardly have chosen a better song for his impromptu serenade, Led Zeppelin on endless repeat probably isn't conducive to rest. Not that it matters, anyway, for barely have they reached that particular conclusion when a frantic Baggy Scott dials Sleepy Sam's cell to deliver the following piece of news: "I looked in one of my mom's old mirrors, and now I want to rip my face off!" Sleepy Sam rolls his eyes, assures Baggy Scott that he and his brother will be over shortly, and hangs up. "Lemme guess," Dean sighs. "He touched something he wasn't supposed to?" "Of course he did!" Sam grunts, and Our Intrepid Heroes make to head back to Baggy Scott's excruciatingly quaint antiques shop.

And also to absolutely no one's surprise, it turns out Baggy Scott made that desperate phone call at the behest of tonight's Leviathanically-enhanced real estate agents, as we learn when the camera hops back over to the excruciatingly quaint antiques shop well in advance of Sam and Dean. Leviathan Joyce snidely congratulates Baggy Scott on a job well done, and she proceeds to primp in a hand mirror for whatever reason while Leviathan George leads Baggy Scott into this evening's next METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Excruciatingly Quaint Antiques Shop. Immediate aftermath. You know, more or less. Leviathan George finishes lashing Baggy Scott to a chair with several lengths of duct tape, after which he and Leviathan Joyce get to chatting about Baggy Scott's fate. They'll have to kill him, of course, though as Leviathan Joyce points out, "That doesn't mean anyone ever has to notice he's dead." Leviathan Joyce decides that Leviathan George will assume Baggy Scott's identity "for the next thirty-some odd years," which I mention only because it's giving us a clear indication that The Leviathans have switched over to a bit of long-term planning, here. Though I am again forced to wonder: Who cares? It's not like The Leviathans are actually going to make it out of this season alive, so whatever.

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