Out With the Old

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You Guys Should Totally Come To The Hardy Boys' DJ Night!

Excruciatingly Quaint Antiques Shop. Aftermath. Our Intrepid Heroes have loaded the store's safe into the U-Haul they've attached to Darling Sammy's purloined pickup, and while I want to believe they were smart enough to shove Leviathan George's decapitated head into that thing before they locked it up for good, I've resigned myself to the fact that they are now both more than stupid enough to have let the guy go. Idiots. In any event, the two chit-chat about the whole cancer thing for a bit until they finally climb into Darling Sammy's purloined pickup to begin the long cross-country trek over to wherever the hell Jackass Frank's been keeping himself lately, and the dolts responsible for this crap decide to recycle Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising" for the ensuing roadtrip. Which is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea, because that song is inextricably linked to this piece of face-melting awesomeness that ended the show's first season, and I don't even know...I can't...I mean, what are they...? Oh, fuck it.

Ugh. ANY-way, Our Intrepid Heroes eventually reach Lunatic Jackass Estates, and the place is a shambles, with shattered and blood-streaked computer equipment littering every square inch of the trailer's floor. Needless to say, Frank himself is nowhere to be found, and as this shocking development seems to have shaken Our Intrepid Heroes to the very cores of their beings, I guess we're supposed to care about it, too. Right?

Yeah, you don't really have to answer that question, either.

Next week: My Sweet Baboo returns! I hope it doesn't blow.

Demian is pretty sure it's going to blow. He is also wondering how one goes about gaining access to a Bay Ridge social club. Raoul remains at large. You may reach the former at The latter is an imaginary gay dragon on the Internet last seen in the company of certain extremely well-connected gentlemen.

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