Pac-Man Fever

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Pacing is Not a Strong Suit
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THEN! "Carver Edlund" wrote a series of books all about the Winchester brothers taking off their shirts all the time. (Also, what in the hell is "Dean" doing on the cover? Adjusting his travel pillow? Toweling off after a a trip to the spa?) In other meta news, Charlie Bradbury ruled over a LARP kingdom called "MoonDoor," which Sam and Dean crashed during a recent case. Already suffering from his first Hell Gate trial, Sam completed a second one that involved springing Bobby Singer from a slightly grungy closet. The Lord's Loopiest Prophet, Kevin Tran, fled with the Demon Tablet when he thought Crowley was invading his dreams and/or houseboat.

NOW! For a welcome change of pace, we begin not with rainy night, but with sunshine. In what looks like a U.S. Army office, a man sits slumped over his desk. With a startled gasp, he lifts his neatly pomaded head and casts a confused gaze over his surroundings. Why, it's none other than Dean Winchester, wearing an officer's uniform and tidy lab coat! He sees a photo of President Truman on the wall behind him. "The hell?" He looks down at himself and notices his odd attire for the first time. He strips out of the lab coat, because you don't put Dean Winchester in a snazzy uniform and not show it off. In the background, Big Band music is playing. Dean takes the needle off the record, but the music plays on. Curiouser and curiouser. As he looks around a bit more, he sees a table that's been turned on its side and shoved up against the door. Recognizing that this is pretty much the universal sign for "there is some bad shit going on out there," he stomps off one of the table's legs and wields it like a club as he ventures outside the office. A dozen or more bodies lie on the floor, blood staining their uniforms from the neck down. Dean picks his way carefully down the hall and finds a newspaper clutched in a dead nurse's hand. "Truman Denies Military Experiments," proclaims the headline, right next to the 1951 dateline. Dean finds an elevator, but no sooner has he pressed the buttons than something snarly sneaks up behind him. All we see is its long, misshapen shadow. Is it Sam? Maybe it's Sam. We'll have to wait to find out, as its identity is concealed by the exploding flames of this season's title card.

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