Party On, Garth

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Have A Drink On The Hardy Boys

Meanwhile, Dashing El Deano phones Darling Sammy and tells him to get his drunk ass over to the brewery, pronto. Obediently enough, Darling Sammy boozily commandeers a cab outside the restaurant and is soon offering comfort and assistance to Mr. Baxter's illicit love child, who miraculously survived the Japanese booze monster's initial assault all by himself. Darling Sammy then attempts to escape with Mr. Baxter's illicit love child, but alas! The crafty Japanese booze monster smacks Our Intrepid Hero up with a bit of telekinetic energy that sends him slamming backwards into a brewery wall, after which Darling Sammy slumps to the floor, momentarily dazed. Fortunately, Dashing El Deano arrives on the scene at this very moment to slash and hack away at the air with his unlikely samurai sword. Of course, no sooner has he begun flailing around with the thing when the Japanese booze monster telekinetically bats the unlikely samurai sword from his grip and it skitters far across the brewery floor, where it remains uncomfortably out of Dashing El Deano's reach until The Spectral Presence Of Bobby Singer gives it a good kick back in Our Intrepid Hero's direction. Huzzah! And once Darling Sammy's regained what's left of his wits, a fairly amusing bit follows in which Drunk Sam shouts out a series of incomprehensible directions to Sober Dean, who somehow manages to skewer the Japanese booze monster with the samurai sword, anyway.

And when the unearthly howling accompanying the monster's demise is done, Dashing El Deano sends Darling Sammy and Mr. Baxter's illicit love child off on some unimportant errand so he might hang back and whisper, "Bobby? Are you here?" There's no answer. "Come on," Dean pleads, getting all misty-eyed and ducky-lipped and such, "do something!" The Spectral Presence Of Bobby Singer remains silent and just before we head into this evening's final commercial break once again most woefully CHOMP!-less, we can see that Darling Sammy's sneaked back from his utterly unimportant errand in time to witness this last anguished wail of his brother's. Um. DUN!?

This Week's Motel. Aftermath. The shitty seventh generation Ford Ranchero that's been plaguing our screens all evening eventually disappears from the motel's parking lot, after which Our Intrepid Heroes prepare to motor on off towards their next adventure in This Week's Crapped-Out Piece Of Automotive Trash. By the way, it would be remiss of me at this juncture were I not to note that This Week's Crapped-Out Piece Of Automotive Trash is actually an AMC Pacer, the same car that featured so prominently in the movie from which this episode stole its title. Just so you know.

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