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Have A Drink On The Hardy Boys

In any event, as Our Intrepid Heroes lope and clompy-stomp their respective ways back into This Week's Motel Room to fetch their baggage, they quite naturally get to chit-chatting about recent events and it's here that Darling Sammy admits he witnessed Dashing El Deano's anguished wail back at the brewery. "What happened?" Sam wonders. "Nothing," Dean LIES, hastily adding, "It was just my imagination." Sam calls him on this and urges Dean to level with him about the whole Dead Bobby thing, which leads to a series of Dean-narrated flashbacks detailing each of the four times The Spectral Presence Of Bobby Singer has made itself known since Dead Bobby's untimely demise: The magically disappearing beer, the magically appearing sheet of paper, last week's address book and tonight's samurai sword. "If it wasn't Bobby," Dashing El Deano angrily concludes, "then what?" Darling Sammy gently replies that perhaps Dashing El Deano is letting his manfully repressed grief get the better of him or something like that, and suggests there's any number of non-ghost explanations for the events Deano just described. Dean clearly thinks Sam is full of shit, but because they're both so brutally hungover at the moment, he silently decides to drop the issue for now and quietly follows Sam out to This Week's Crapped-Out Piece Of Automotive Trash.

And once Dashing El Deano shuts the door behind him, the camera slides over to the left a bit to reveal that Ghastly Dead Bobby's been watching them this entire time. From what I understand, this was meant to be a huge surprise for the few remaining members of this wretched show's rapidly-dwindling audience -- they even took great care to omit Jim Beaver's name from the guest scroll at the top of the hour to avoid blowing the supposed impact of this moment -- but come on: We've all been waiting for him to pop up again ever since they so blatantly left us hanging regarding his afterlife status at the end of "Death's Door." In any event, Ghastly Dead Bobby looks a little sad, likely because Dumbass El Deano's carelessly left the battered old flask Ghastly Dead Bobby's been riding for the last few months on the folded-up motel cot. Fortunately, Dean notices the flask's absence in his jacket pocket before the boys drive off and he reenters This Week's Motel Room to fetch it. Unfortunately, Dean remains oblivious to the ghost now all but staring him in the eye. "I'm right here, ya idjit!" Ghastly Dead Bobby exasperates, but of course, Dean can't hear him and as Dean exits This Week's Motel Room for the last time, Ghastly Dead Bobby buzzes and blinks and flickers out to join Our Intrepid Heroes as they finally -- finally -- motor on off into the black.

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