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Have A Drink On The Hardy Boys

Shitty Seventh Generation Ford Ranchero and I have quite seriously long since reached the point where I can no longer bear to watch or listen to another goddamned second of tonight's "special" guest "star," so here's what the closed captioning is telling me: Dashing El Deano realizes that both Poor Dead Fugly Monster Chow and Traumatized Tess were plowed when they saw That Freaky Chick From The Ring, and so he correctly reasons that That Freaky Chick From The Ring only appears to those who are drunk. He immediately whips out Dead Bobby's flask to get himself -- as he puts it -- "in the zone," and this leads to a discussion of the effect Dead Bobby's flask has apparently been having on everyone's trusty little EMF readers. For whatever reason, Dumbass El Deano obstinately refuses even to consider the possibility that Dead Bobby's been "riding [his] wave" all this time and just when the conversation in the car threatens to explode into an argument, Darling Sammy rings with news of Dead Dale's sake bomb. Dean gruffly agrees to meet back at the brewery, and before we know it...

...Our Intrepid Heroes are tippy-toeing their collective way into the brewery's main office, where they pull Dead Dale's sake bomb from its box, only to find that the bottle's seal has already been broken. Eagle-Eyed El Deano spots a small camera embedded in the ceiling and orders Darling Sammy to hack into the brewery's security system in an effort to find out who broke the seal and after a bit of futzing, Darling Sammy lands on a recording of Poor Dead Fugly Monster Chow sneaking into Big Daddy McAnn's office four nights ago to swipe some of his father's liquor. As we can see from the recording, the kid sucks down a significant portion of the bottle's contents before deciding it's not to his taste, after which he staggers from the room, apparently on his own. Dashing El Deano immediately understands they might be blind to the booze monster because they are not themselves intoxicated at the moment, so Our Intrepid Heroes guzzle copious amounts of slivovitz and whiskey from Big Daddy McAnn's private stash until That Freaky Chick From The Ring suddenly materializes at Poor Dead Fugly Monster Chow's pixilated side on the computer's screen. "So," Drunk Sam summarizes, "he let that thing out of the box and it must have followed him to the place with all the thingies!" "Yes!" Drunk Dean eagerly agrees, adding a wide-eyed and deeply, deeply sincere, "That's smart!" before taking another swig from his glass. Just then, Randy Baxter unexpectedly barges in on the proceedings to shout something about calling the cops and Jensen Ackles executes one perfect and hilarious spit-take before everything goes to hell when this evening's "special" guest "star" pops up from out of nowhere to taser the hapless Mr. Baxter into submission. D'OH!

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