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Have A Drink On The Hardy Boys

We return from tonight's second and most woefully CHOMP!-less commercial break to find Our Intrepid Heroes standing at the kitchen door of what I'm sure is Junction City's only Japanese restaurant, where they listen intently as one of the restaurant's cooks translates the script on Dead Dale's sake bomb. "What you took will be taken from you," the helpful cook reads before clamming up once he gets an eyeful of the next line. "Where'd you guys get this?" the cook scowls. "Is something the matter?" Darling Sammy too-innocently wonders. "This says the bottle inside contains a Shojo," the cook replies, and it's nice of this helpful gentleman to provide me with the creature's actual name, but I'm still gonna keep calling it a Japanese booze monster, thanks. The cook insists "it's just an old myth," but he takes great care to warn that Japanese booze monsters "are not known for being friendly" before excusing himself back into Junction City's only Japanese restaurant. Our Intrepid Heroes go, "Hmmm!" for a moment, then head back to...

...This Week's Motel Room, where the hapless Mr. Baxter has been handcuffed to the room's hot tub. Remarks are made regarding how stupid it is to have "the CEO of the douchiest microbrew in the U.S." bound and gagged in a no-tell motel's hot tub before Darling Sammy unleashes a little more of his Google-fu to find out what exactly it is they're dealing with on the supernatural front this evening. Long story short, Japanese booze monsters can be harnessed and deployed as weapons, as I believe we have already seen numerous times during the course of this evening's events, but the good news is they can be killed "with a samurai sword consecrated with a Shinto blessing." Our Intrepid Heroes bang their empty yet extraordinarily pretty heads together for a bit and eventually realize that since Dead Dale thought of the brewery as his "baby," he sent his sake bomb after his faithless partners' actual children, which means that tonight's particular Japanese booze monster will be gunning for Dead-Eyed Marie next. Dashing El Deano decides to hit up Junction City's pawn shops on the off chance one of them'll have an authentic samurai sword in its collection while Darling Sammy's to babysit Dead-Eyed Marie, but naturally there's a problem: Dead Bobby's flask sets off someone's trusty little EMF reader again and voice once more is given to those earlier suspicions regarding The Spectral Presence Of Bobby Singer, which again threatens to send Dumbass El Deano into a screaming rage of denial and angst. For whatever reason, Darling Sammy chooses this moment to confess that he attempted to contact Dead Bobby via Ouija board way back when Dean's beer disappeared, and while he's quick to note the results of his experiment were decidedly negative, Darling Sammy's open admission of subterfuge and LYING only serves to further enrage Dumbass El Deano, so it's quite a good thing when the hapless Mr. Baxter unleashes a series of moany complaints from his corner of the room, as it forces Dumbass El Deano to drop the matter for the moment in favor of continuing with their case.

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