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The Hardy Boys Resolve to Exorcise More

They are still trying to find whom the demon has possessed, and so Dean walks up and down the aisle with his stupid little EZQ thing-y, pretending he's just listening to his Walkman. He's not finding anything. Sam comes up behind him all desperate-acting. I am not fooled. The Walkman starts buzzing as one of the pilots comes out of the bathroom. Dean says "Christo," and the pilot turns around with Death Eyes before returning to the cockpit and locking the door.

Commercials. The brothers march to the back of the plane -- and if I had been on this plane, I would have tackled the shit out of them by now, they're acting so suspicious. They accost Amanda with their standard "this is gonna sound nuts" prelude, and Dean babbles on about not having time for the "the truth is out there" speech. They spill the beans about knowing about Flight 2485, and when Amanda tries to get past them, Dean manhandles her back in place. He tells her about Pilot Chuck and begs her to believe them about there being something strange on board. She finally gives in and tells them about the man with eyes of death. They tell her to get the co-pilot and bring him to the back.

As the co-pilot and Amanda come back down the aisle, the brothers get the exorcism book out. The pilot comes through the little curtain and gets a face full of Deanfist. As he lies on the ground stunned from the punch, they duct-tape his mouth, and Amanda protests over all this nonsense. They pour holy water on him and he starts burning up. Amanda starts pulling at her hair and muttering. Sam tells her to "keep the curtain closed," as if that will succeed in preventing the screaming and sizzling from alarming the passengers. Dean holds the co-pilot down as Sam speaks a bunch of crappy Latin over him. Lots of punching and flinging around, the holy water goes flying, but Sam keeps on keepin' on until the demon makes it personal: "I know what happened to your girlfriend. She must have died screaming. Even now, she's burning," which earns him another faceful of Deanfist as Sammy looks on all stunned and paralyzed. Dean calls Sam back to the task, and he jabbers some more Latin. The soundtrack is all crazy strings and weird growling, which get louder as the Rascally Plume exits the glargling co-pilot and goes to hide out in the vents. During all this, the exorcism book gets kicked out into the aisle.As the brothers leave the co-pilot to find the Rascally Plume, the plane takes a major dip and everyone starts falling all over the place. Sam goes after the notebook, but it's sliding down the aisle. Cut to Dean in strobe light bracing himself against the wall, his mouth open in a hilariously rigor mortis manner. Sam lies in the aisle, grabs the book, and gets back to his jabbering. Continue cutting to Dean acting the cute baby. Cut back to Sam jabbering. Cut to exterior of model plane, wrapped in bolts of electricity as the demon is finally exorcised. The plane stabilizes, and Dean looks about himself nervously. Jensen Ackles's lips are emoting totally differently from their normal shoved-out toughness. Here, they went rather ducky with fear. Love it! Sighs of relief all around. Meaningful glances between the bros.

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