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The Hardy Boys Resolve to Exorcise More

The brothers get in the car, and Dean asks Sam what he's got on the case, and I brace myself for what's sure to be a number of lame acronyms. Aaaand I must have E.S.P. or something, because Sam tells Dean that "There's definitely E.V.P. on the cockpit voice recorder." And I totally LOL'd about how D.O.A. that line reading was. I mean, WTF? Sam plays the recording back on his computer, isolating a creepy voice moaning, "No survivors." Dean wonders what that means, since there were supposedly seven survivors of the crash. Sheesh, Dean, with your expectations. Hey, even Rascally Plumes make mistakes every once in a while. Dean and Sam start their weekly game of Name That Force when Dean asks, "So what are you thinking, a haunted flight?" Sam replies, "There's a long history of spirits and death omens on planes and ships, like phantom travelers. Or, ah, remember Flight 401." Dean nods and is all, "Do I?" replying, "Right, the one that crashed and the airline salvaged some of its parts, put it in other planes, then the spirit of the pilot and co-pilot haunted those flights." I just, I guys, this is my LEAST favorite part of the show every single week. All this serious-faced, arms-crossed, head-nodding, monster-genealogy-creating "Mm-hm, could be the old Bicycle Head demon." "Oh yes, you mean the demon that steals bicycles from little children, fills the hollow aluminum tubes with chocolates and then returns the bicycle and waits for the children to crash their bikes and find the haunted chocolate and then eat the haunted chocolate?" "Yes, that's the one." The brothers decide to go visit a survivor from the crash named Max Jaffe who lives around there and who is now in a psychiatric institution.

Riverfront Psychiatric Hospital. The brothers walk the grounds with Max -- the kid who saw Mouth-Breather approach the emergency door -- and he wonders why they're there, since he's already talked to Homeland Security. Dean does his deep-voiced liar thing: "Right, well some new information has come up." They ask if Max noticed anything unusual, "like strange lights, weird noises, maybe, voices." Max says no. Dean starts to play hardball, asking why Max checked himself into the loony bin. Max has a completely reasonable response: "I was a little stressed. I survived a plane crash." Dean continues to act the jerk: "And that's what terrified you?" Max says he's done talking with them. Dean tells him he thinks he saw something up there and "we need to know what." Max continues to stonewall: "No, no. I was delusional. Seeing things." Sammy jumps in, playing the sweet-talking Rey Curtis to Dean's raspy Lenny Briscoe, and asks Max to just tell them what he thought he saw. Max spills the beans about Mouth-Breather: "He had these eyes. These, um, black eyes. And I saw him, I thought I saw him. He opened the emergency exit. But that's impossible, right? I mean, I looked it up. There's something like two tons of pressure on that door." I like this little guy, he's sorta cute in a pasty, tiny-mouthed sort of way. Sam asks if the man appeared and disappeared suddenly, "like a mirage." Max is getting the feeling that these guys aren't Homeland Security. Max, this guy is Homeland Security, so I don't see how you could possibly think these two are, as well. Max asks if Sam is nuts and then tells him that Mouth-Breather was a passenger.

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