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The Hardy Boys Resolve to Exorcise More

Cut back to the security checkpoint outside the warehouse, where two men -- dressed identically to both one another and to Dean and Sam -- walk up and flash their badges in unison like the government robots they are. The security guy tells them that a pair of Homeland Security investigators are already inside. They then all of them run into the warehouse, guns drawn, looking for Sam and Dean, but the brothers are already gone. Good ol' boys! Outside the warehouse, Sam and Dean do a little run-walking while an alarm sounds and scale a fence to get out. Dean's suit jacket gets caught on the fence, and as he leaps up to grab it, he quips, "These monkey suits do come in handy." I don't really get this joke, and so am plunged into a few hours of soul-searching because things are really getting bad when I'm unable to get the jokes on Supernatural.A waiting lounge at a small airport. A real Joe Schmo in a terrible bowling-stripe shirt reassures a nervous-looking Pilot Chuck: "Look, Chuck, it's like gettin' back on a horse. Only in this case, a little twin engine. Not even a horse, a little pony." Joe Schmo is tremendously ugly, and Pilot Chuck looks like he might be the on-set janitor or something. Nice budget. When Chuck doesn't seem to relax, Joe Schmo tells him they "don't have to do this today." Chuck says that "the waiting is worse" and Joe Schmo gets up to leave Chuck sufficiently alone for evil things to occur. The Rascally Plume again flows out of the air vent and dances around behind Chuck like goddamned Mikhail Baryshnikov before cutting the interpretive dance crap and zooming into Chuck's eyeballs.

Sam, Dean, and Jerry the Geek stand around in a dark office while Jerry looks at, presumably, the black soot sample under a microscope. The image from the microscope is projected onto a computer screen and it looks like a loofah sponge. So, the Rascally Plume is just trying to evangelize about exfoliation? Jerry the Geek tells them that "the stuff is covered in sulfur" and then leaves, saying he "has an idiot to fire," in reference to some clanking and clonking happening in the background. Dean peers through the microscope and explains, "There's not a lot of things that leave behind a sulfuric residue." Sam looks up and posits, "Demonic possession," and Dean seems to agree: "That would explain how a mortal man had the strength to open up an emergency hatch." When Sam talks a bit more about possession, Dean dorks, "Yeah, but this goes way beyond floating over a bed or barfing pea soup." These two have officially become Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis in Ghostbusters. All "Spates Catalog" and "Tobin's Spirit Guide." If only Bill Murray were around. ["Just wait until you recap the Hook Man episode. You're going to throw your shoe." -- Sars]

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