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The Hardy Boys Resolve to Exorcise More

Back at the airport, Chuck is a changed man, all hopped up on Rascally Plume. Up in the air, he tells Tremendously Ugly that he feels great, and then asks the time. Uh oh. The Rascally Plume of Bad Comedy strikes again! Pilot Chuck makes the same "time really does fly" joke as Mouth-Breather did, and then promptly points the plane directly at the ground. We cut between close-ups of Chuck's blackened eyeballs and a farmer driving a tractor along the ground until the plane shoots out of the clouds and whams right into the ground.

Commercials. Back at the motel, the boys do research. Sam, apparently surfing, finds that every religion in the world has the concept of demonic possession, and tells Dean that, "according to Japanese beliefs, certain demons are behind certain disasters, both natural and man-made." Dean isn't buying this theory, but Sam gives him the sigh of "that's all I got, man, and I am the college boy after all." So Dean decides to go with it and starts thinking out loud -- or I should say "thinking" out loud -- suggesting that they are dealing with a demon that has "evolved with the times and found a way to ratchet up the body count." Sam agrees and then gets all mournful: "Who knows how many planes it's brought down before this one." Dean sighs and scratches his head and tells Sam that "this isn't our normal gig. I mean, demons, they don't want anything. Just death and destruction for its own sake. And this is big. I wish Dad was here." Awww, with all the head-scratching. Dean's cell phone rings and he finds Jerry on the line with news of Pilot Chuck's plane crash. Jerry the Geek tells Dean that it happened "about 60 miles west of here, near Nazareth," and Dean responds by muttering, "I'll try and ignore the irony in that." Yes, the irony of something bad happening near a place in United States vaguely related to the Christian religious tradition. Totally ironical, dude. Call up Alanis, she'd probably agree.The Metallicar chugs past a sign that says "Nazareth 3," about fifty feet beyond which lies the smoking wreckage of the crash. Enormous mountains loom behind that, and given that Nazareth, PA is like eight miles west of New Jersey, nowhere near the Tuscarora or Appalachian mountain ranges, I am baffled as to why they didn't pick some other meaningfully-named town in Pennsylvania to set this episode. Like, for example, the famous Intercourse, PA? Anyway, the brothers seem to have simply zoomed past the wreckage straight back to Jerry the Geek's office. What? They couldn't cut thirty seconds of the interminable walking footage from this episode to give us a scene of the boys poking around the wreckage or something? Well, in any case, they've found the same sulfuric residue, and Dean brainstorms, incorrectly, that it seems the demon was simply after Pilot Chuck the whole time. Sam jumps in to observe that both flights went down exactly forty minutes in. Jerry the Geek asks what that means, and Dean blabs, "It's biblical numerology. You know Noah's Ark, it rained for forty days. The number means death." Oh, freaking Jehosephat in a goddamned handbasket, this is like trying to mallet a Pentacostal peg into a doctrinally unrelated hole. Sam has found six crashes over ten years that went down at minute 40 of the flight. There have never been any survivors, except in the case of Flight 2485. Then it clicks into place for Dean: "It's going after the survivors. It's trying to finish the job."

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