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The Hardy Boys Resolve to Exorcise More

Rush plays in the background as we cut to Dean and Sam driving through the night. Sam is on the phone taking a fake "United Britannia" survey to find out if any of the survivors are planning on flying soon. Surprisingly enough, the male survivors are not, but a certain cute female flight attendant is flying out of Indianapolis at 8 PM that night. Sam worries that "this is a five-hour drive, even with you behind the wheel" -- which, no, no it is not. And don't even try to convince me that they just decided to drive west for five hours before figuring out where exactly they needed to go, because I think the explanation is less that these brothers have some sort of preternatural sense of where danger is, and more that if I were to call up somebody who works on this show and ask why they insist on not only paying no attention to continuity but, more infuriatingly, paying no attention to continuity while simultaneously making sure to throw in all kinds of specific place names, dates, travel times, et cetera, that that person would simply say, "Sorry, I'm snorting coke off a hot chick's tits right now." Sam worries about not making it there in time, but Dean pushes his lips forward and toughs, "Oh, we'll make it," as he zooms down the back roads that I'm sure will be so much faster than the interstate, what with all the unnecessary zigging and zagging.Indianapolis airport. The brothers run in the doors and look up at really high-tech departure screens -- Indianapolis my ass. They've still got thirty minutes till boarding and so go looking for an airport services phone. They page Amanda Walker, and she picks up. Dean does a song and dance about her sister being in a minor car accident. She calls his bluff and tells him that she just got off the phone with her sister. Dean gets tongue-tied as she peppers him with suspicious questions, finally asking, "Is this one of Vince's friends?" and then ranting about how "Vince" just needs to mind his own business. Dean tries a new lie, saying that Vince really needs to see her. She's a sucker and is almost moved, but tells Dean to have "Vince" call her later that night and then hangs up.

Amanda greets her fellow flight crew while above her head the Rascally Plume starts to gather. Dean and Sam mill about helplessly. Sam's bangs are very greasy. Sam declares that they have to get on the plane to save the hundred passengers on board. He then declares a moratorium on wax-based hair products. Or so I wish. Dean is looking cutely stunned as Sam rattles off the plan: they need to exorcise the demon, so Dean needs to go back to the car to get whatever will make it through security and meet him back there in "five minutes." When Sam finishes, he notices Dean's deer-in-headlight eyes and asks him if he's okay. Dean sort of rocks back and forth on his feet, licking his lovely lips nervously, and finally blurts out, "No, not really," and confesses to being scared of flying. Dean is being very, very cute in this scene, with confused-looking eyebrows and exasperatedly asking, "Why do you think I drive everywhere, Sam?" When Sam offers to do this job alone, Dean protests, but when Sam says that there are only two options, do it together or Sam'll do it alone, Dean is persuaded by the cries of fangirls everywhere, "Do it together! Do it together!"

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