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The Hardy Boys Resolve to Exorcise More

Inside the plane. Dean looks intense. Sam tells him to "just try to relax" and Dean fires back, "Just try to shut up." Sam smirks, Dean pees his pants, the plane takes off. Dean gets crazy eyes as he hears the wheels retract, which I love, because whenever I'm feeling a little scared of flying, I imagine that I am the only person on board that hears THAT CRAZY NOISE WHAT THE EFF IS THAT CRAZY NOISE and it is always just the wheels going up or down or something.

Commercials. Dean is shaking and weird and Sam tells him that he has to stay focused. They try to figure out who the demon is possessing this time. Dean says it will be "somebody with some sort of weakness, a chink in the armor that that demon can work through. Somebody with an addiction or some sort of emotional distress." Mirror, mirror, Dean. But they think it will be Amanda, who they imagine must be "pretty messed up" to be flying for the first time since the crash. Dean spots her and says he'll go talk to her "to get a read on her mental state." When Sam asks what he plans to do if she's already possessed, Dean whips a huge water bottle out of his bag: "I brought holy water." Sam grabs it from him and says they need to be more subtle. Hee. Sam says "if she's possessed, she'll flinch at the name of God." Dean: "Ah, nice." He pops out of his seat with the fire of a thousand nerves of nervousness. Before he gets away, Sam reminds him to "say it in Latin" and then calls him back once more to tell him, "In Latin, it's 'Christo.'" Dean is annoyed: "Dude, I know, I'm not an idiot," and the nitpick forum comes alive because indeed, in Latin, "Christo" is not the name of the Lord but instead the name for tourist-pandering landscape art.As Dean makes his way to the back, the plane seems to hit some turbulence. When he gets back to Amanda, he tells her he is a nervous flyer and just likes to walk around a bit. They make small talk for quite a while as Dean tries to dig up her anxiety over flying. She doesn't bite, and is all serene and smiley toward him. In a pause in the conversation, Dean looks down and quickly says, "Christo." She doesn't flinch. He says it again. She doesn't know what he's talking about, and he slinks off. Back in his seat, he looks annoyed and tells Sam that she is "the most well-adjusted person on the planet." The plane shakes, and Dean starts to freak out. Sam tries to calm him with a soothing voice as Dean clutches his seat and snaps, "Dude, this plane is going to crash, don't treat me like I'm friggin' four," and then "Stow the touchy-feely, self-help, yoga crap. It isn't helping." Ha. Sam points out that Dean is leaving himself open for demonic possession and needs to calm down. Dean starts doing some Lamaze breathing and I fall over laughing. Sam gets back to business, telling Dean that he found a good exorcism, called "The Ritch-U-Al Ro-Mahn." He explains how it works, and I take a brief cat nap from recapping. I personally would prefer pointing and laughing at the animatronic chimpanzee for sale in the SkyMall magazine.

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