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Get Your Kicks On Route 666

On the road to Jericho, Sam gets off his cell phone with news that no one matching their father's description has arrived at either the town's hospital or its morgue, just as Dean spots a couple of police cruisers blocking traffic from entering The Trestle Bridge Of Norbert's Bloody Doom. Dean wheels the Impala over onto the shoulder, keys off the engine, surveys the scene, and lunges across Sam's lap to retrieve a cigar box from the glove compartment. The box is stuffed with phony government IDs for the FBI, the ATF, the DEA, and various local and state police departments. Oh, sure. He keeps the print-outs of old Jericho Herald articles locked in the trunk beneath the false floor, but he stores all of his fake identification in the glove compartment. What the fuck ever, Supernatural. Sam gawps as Dean smacks the appropriate fake ID against the steering wheel and smiles, "Let's go!"

Meanwhile, up on the bridge, an officer from the county sheriff's department hollers down to a pair of divers who'd been searching the river for Norbert. They have, of course, found no trace of his remains. He crosses to the Volkswagen, where another deputy announces, "No sign of struggle, no footprints, no fingerprints -- spotless. It's almost too clean." Incidentally, the forensics deputy happens to be the father of Amy, who was dating the missing "Troy" before his untimely demise at the spectral hands of Myra. The boys wander up just in time to overhear this bit of information, and Dean opens his own line of questioning by casually noting, "You fellas had another one just like this last month, didn't you?" The primary deputy wonders who the new arrivals are. Dean flashes his identification with a curt, "Federal marshals." Primary Deputy remarks on their youthful appearance, Dean smarms a thank you, and long story short, the boys learn nothing we don't already know, and so head back to the Impala. But not after a couple of cute little moments wherein Sam slams his foot down on Dean's when the latter gets a little shirty with the gentlemen from the sheriff's department, followed by Dean retaliating with a whap to the back of Sam's head once they're appropriately far enough away. They heatedly bicker until they're accosted by the sheriff himself -- a good ol' boy redneck type -- after which Dean invokes the undead spirit of The X-Files before he and Sam amble off towards the Impala. Roscoe P. Coltrane watches them go.

Cut to the marquee of Jericho's Highland Theater, which advertises an emergency town hall meeting that Sunday at 8 PM along with the admonishment to "Be Safe Out There." Oddly enough, the lamppost banner adjacent advertises "The Southwest Museum," which is a strange name for a cultural establishment in Central California, don't you think? Well, it would be strange if this were filmed in Central California rather than in Los Angeles, but whatever. This recap's too long as it is. Sam and Dean approach the theater entrance to find the mournful Amy plastering missing-person flyers on the glass, where they join a number of other flyers for her also-missing townsfolk. Dean launches into one of his spiels of bullshit, but Sam cuts him short to express supposedly deep-felt sympathy along with an offer of assistance.

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