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Get Your Kicks On Route 666

Back from the break, we find Dean smirking his way through a bit of chit-chat with Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane in the latter's jailhouse interrogation room, and this is all pretty pointless. I mean, I could go on for several sentences describing the many wonders of Jensen Ackles's eyelashes, but what's the point? So here's the gist of the following scene, in brief: The good sheriff believes Dean's involved in the Centennial Highway murders, despite the fact that, as Dean points out, Dean was three years old at the time of the first disappearance in 1982. The sheriff's rummaged through the contents of Dear Old Dad's motel room, and has found Dad's occult-filled day planner, which he slams down on the desk. Dean's face falls at that, for as we'll later learn, Dear Old Dad goes nowhere without his occult-filled day planner, but Dean manages to remain silent, most especially when Roscoe flips to an entry that reads "Dean 35-111." The one amusing moment comes when Roscoe lets loose with the clichéd, "I don't think you realize how much trouble you're in." Dean too casually wonders, "We talking 'misdemeanor trouble' or 'squeal like a pig trouble'?" Heh. And...that's about it. Next!

Sam raps on the office door of a run-down junkyard and soon meets the famed Joseph Welch, who's played by a total Hey! It's That Guy! whose name escapes me at the moment. We cover a lot of territory both already familiar and not terribly necessary before Sam, not quite believing Joseph's claims regarding his "happy marriage" to Constance, calls Joseph on it all with an explanation of what, precisely, a Woman in White (also known as a "Weeping Woman") is. These women have popped up throughout history, apparently, in places as far-flung as Hawaii, Mexico, Arizona, and Indiana, but each one's story is pretty much the same: Her husband cheated on her, so she drowned their kids, freaked, and killed herself. Now, each woman's spirit restlessly wanders down roads and "waterways" in search of other unfaithful bastards, and if they find one, they kill him. And we're supposed to be rooting against them...why, exactly? Oh, right: The dead-kids thing. Whatever. Joseph, stung by the accusation, sets his lower lip a-trembling in outrage and denies everything. Everything except for cheating on his wife, of course. Sam, armed with the information he needed, bolts. And...scene.

Meanwhile, back in detention, Dean continues to deny everything himself. A deputy pokes his head into the room with news that the department's received "a 9-1-1, shots fired," so Roscoe cuffs Dean to the interrogation table and leaves, shutting and locking the door behind him. Crafty Dean slides a paper clip from his father's occult-filled day planner and gets to work.

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