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Get Your Kicks On Route 666

...the Impala, now minus a headlight due to its insertion into Welch Manor, cruising down a back road somewhere in "Central" "California." Inside, Dean drives while Sam, with penlight, plots Dear Old Dad's demonic day planner coordinates on a map and quickly determines that Dad's in "Blackwater Ridge, Colorado." No he's not. Sam also announces that Blackwater Ridge, Colorado is "about six hundred miles from here," and no. And because the rest of the scene is filled with more pointless bickering about law school, I'll just jump ahead to the point where...

...Dean pulls up in front of Sam's apartment building, and Sam disembarks. After a little more manly sibling banter, Dean tools off in the Impala, and we follow Sam as he eases himself in through his apartment's back door. And then, despite taking great pains to enter the apartment as quietly as possible at so late an hour, Sam bellows for his girlfriend, because everyone on the WB is an idiot. He receives no response from the significant other, but he does find a plate of chocolate-chip cookies waiting for him on the kitchen table, along with a note that reads, "Missed you! Love you!" Given Jessica's preordained future as the Amy Abbott of this series, I'm surprised she didn't add a smiley face. Sam smiles almost wistfully to himself and bites into the cookie before the camera cuts...

...over to the bedroom, where he sidles through the door to hear the shower running in the bathroom beyond. Sam finishes his cookie and, beaming contentedly, flops back on the bed with his eyes closed.

The camera spins around above Sam's head as he heaves a tired-sounding sigh, and...wait. No, WAIT. What the hell? Two drops of blood land wetly on his forehead from above, and they're not really going there, are they? Are they? HOORAY! Sam squints a little bit, then quickly snaps open his eyes as his mouth gapes in some rictus of terror before the shot cuts to his point of view, and they've nailed his girlfriend to the ceiling with a foot-wide gash through her torso! And then? To top it all off? They blow her up! Flames! Everywhere! This is the best. WB. Show. EVER! I don't care that Dean bursts through the kitchen door to rescue his brother at this point for no discernable reason or justification whatsoever! I don't care! I. Do. Not. Care! This is the most beautiful thing I've seen on TV in years! They killed Joey Potter, people!

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