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The Hardy Boys Check In To The Overlook Hotel

In any event, the next thing we know, Metallicar's grumbling off down the driveway as Miss Susan glares at the vanishing Impala from the inn's front porch.

Upstairs, Tyler and Maggie are playing a round of jacks on the grand staircase's first landing as Miss Susan bangs through the front door to look up at them with her hands on her hips and wonder, "Have you started packing yet?" "No," Tyler replies. "Why not?" Miss Susan shoots back. "I don't want to move," comes the somewhat whiny reply. "Maggie says we're not allowed to move," Tyler adds, making sure to include that special emphasis. "Tyler," Susan exasperates, "enough. Maggie is imaginary, you are too old to have an imaginary friend, and I am done pretending." DUN! Sort of. Maybe. I made the mistake of reading the sides when they initially appeared on the forum boards, and this reveal was included in the script pages for Susan, so I knew it was coming all along. I've no idea how those unfamiliar with the twist reacted to it as it appeared on the screen, but still. ["I caught on about 30 seconds before the reveal and kind of slapped my forehead, because I really should have caught on sooner. For whatever that's worth. Which is nothing." -- Joe R] I have to admit they did an excellent job of keeping Maggie's true identity hidden from the audience up to this point while maintaining the plausibility of the reveal -- particularly that bit where both of them scampered around Sam earlier, but only Tyler actually ran into him -- so bravo to them. "Eh," Raoul shrugs. "They'd have done an even better job had they not cast Conchita Campbell in the part. That child's quickly becoming this decade's Patty McCormack. Shudder."

In any event, with that last line, Susan disappears further into the manor. Left alone with Maggie, Tyler nervously glances over at the preadolescent menace, who simply stares the idiot child down for a very long moment before intoning, "I don't like her." "Eeeeeeeek!" shrieks Raoul, right before all of us drop into the METAL TEETH CHOMP! "I'm not accustomed to using such language, but Conchita Campbell scares the crap out of me!"

Some time later -- and we might be talking a couple of days, here, for all I know -- Susan totes a packing box out to her car. Sherwin motors past in an ancient pick-up truck with an offer of assistance, but Susan just smiles her thanks, insisting she can handle it all on her own. "Okay, then," Sherwin nods, all kindly and such before calling out a "See you later!" as he tools off down the driveway.

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