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The Hardy Boys Check In To The Overlook Hotel

Meanwhile, upstairs at the dollhouse, Tyler runs a little metal wind-up cavalry drummer along the miniature's front walk as the camera rises slowly above her head to settle upon the toy playground equipment at the far end of the model's façade. One of the swings on the set begins rocking back and forth, followed shortly by the other. Tyler catches the movement out of the corner of her eye and turns her head to stare at the things as they begin swinging higher and faster, all of their own accord.

Down on the driveway, a chill wind kicks up just as Susan's about to return indoors. She hears the chains on the actual swing set creak, and is unsettled to note that only one of the swings is swaying in the breeze. Instead of, oh, I don't know... "...GETTING THE HELL OUT OF THERE IMMEDIATELY?" Raoul helpfully shrieks, clapping a paw to his forehead at Susan's stupidity. Yes, Raoul. Exactly. Instead of getting the hell out of there immediately, Susan turns to investigate just as the other swing, too, begins flinging itself backwards and forwards into the air. The moment she steps into the small playground proper, the empty seesaw starts rocking up and down, and the camera jumps back up to the dollhouse so we can see the same happening up there, as well. Tyler, because she is a creepy preadolescent girl, does not run screaming from the room, but rather sits there staring blankly at it all, because she is likely dark demonic force sent straight from the flaming maw of Hell. "Forget the 'likely,'" Raoul asserts. "She is. They all are. Trust me."

Just as something supernatural assumes control of Susan's car, sparking the ignition and throwing the thing into gear, everything over at Susan's end of the front yard goes completely batshit insane, with the merry-go-round whipping around and around as the seesaw teeters uncontrollably and the swings practically loop themselves around the set's support bar. Dutch angles abound as Susan, weeping openly, slowly backs away from the Satanic playground equipment. Unfortunately for her, it's at that very moment the something in her car decides it's time to run her over. Fortunately for her, Action Sammy's apparently been lurking in the bushes this entire time, and now leaps out to tackle her to the far side of the playground, leaving the possessed automobile to plow harmlessly into a tree. "You okay?" Action Sammy pants. "I...I think so," Susan shudders, still a little weepy. Dean skitters over to haul both of them to their feet. "Let's get inside!"

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