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The Hardy Boys Check In To The Overlook Hotel

The next morning, Dean arrives back at Room 237 from some errand to find Sam praying to the porcelain god. "How you feelin', Sammy?" Dean too-cheerfully calls out. Sam groans. "Yeah," Dean agrees, "I guess mixing whiskey and Jager wasn't such a gangbuster idea, was it?" Wait a minute. What the hell kind of high-end tourist inn keeps miniature bottles of Jagermeister in its courtesy refrigerators? "The kind that's going bankrupt?" Raoul guesses. Oh. Well. Never mind, then. Dean references Weird Science just to make Sammy puke again before finally getting down to business, informing Sam of Grandma Rose's hoodoo-practicing nanny, and a short time later...

...Our Intrepid Heroes are picking the lock on Miss Susan's PRIVATE living quarters in search of Grandma Rose. After copious amounts of sneak-fu up a near-hidden back staircase and hallway, they eventually arrive in Grandma Rose's attic room, where they find the wheelchair-bound gal staring listlessly at the rain running down her garret's windows. Sam takes one look at the woman's slouched posture and distant-yet-vaguely-horrified expression, and hustles Dean into a corner for a chat. "This woman's had a stroke!" Sam hisses. "But hoodoo's hands-on!" Dean murmurs, perplexed. "You gotta mix herbs, and chant, and build an altar..." " it can't be Rose," Sam finishes for him. "Maybe it's not even hoodoo." Dean takes a moment to stare down the wrecked figure in the wheelchair before announcing, "She could be faking." "Yeah, what do you wanna do, poke her with a stick?" Sam snorts. Dean shrugs and nods his head around, all, "You know, that's not such a bad..." "Dude!" Sam whispers, outraged. "You are not gonna poke her with a stick!" Hee. Just then, Miss Susan barges into the lonely garret to break up all the fun. "What the hell?" she growls, crossing instantly to her disabled mother. "Look at her!" she exclaims. "She's scared out of her wits!" Susan turns on the intruders, demanding, "I want you out of my hotel in two minutes, or I'm calling the cops!" Busted, the boys don't even attempt to talk their way out of it. Thunder rolls across the soundtrack as we get another close-up of Grandma Rose's distant-yet-vaguely-horrified expression, and I've got to hand it to the actress they hired for this part; she's conveying an awful lot using little more than her eyes. "Then again," Raoul notes, peering at me over his reading glasses after perusing her entry on the Internet Movie Database, "her resume seems to consist entirely of roles entitled 'Old Woman,' 'Elderly Woman,' 'Old Arthritic Woman,' 'Crazy Lady,' and 'Parkinson's Sufferer,' so I think she's had a little experience in the field." Excellent point, my friend. Excellent point.

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