Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

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The Hardy Boys Shoot Rainbows Out Of Their Ass

Back in the employee's lounge, Supremely Pissy Dapper Sam begins his interview with Howie The Ginger-Haired Wonder Weenie. Yawn.

Meanwhile, through a series of unlikely events I'll not be bothering to detail, Dean befriends Harried Libby's wicked little shit of a son, and because I absolutely will not be forced to suffer through this monstrous little twit's so-called "performance" on my television, I'll be skipping through the heartfelt exchange that follows to give you only those bits of it that are immediately relevant to this evening's plot, and guess what? There are no bits of the heartfelt exchange that follows that are immediately relevant to this evening's plot. Next!

Howie The Ginger-Haired Wonder Weenie emerges from the employee lounge apparently unscathed, so Dashing El Deano texts a curt "Nope" to Supremely Pissy Dapper Sam, who receives the message just as he begins an interview with some sketchy dirtbag in a cartoon lion suit and, long story short, the sketchy dirtbag is the first employee to flip out over Sam's whole Bad Cop routine. And as the guy races out through the loading dock entrance, both Sam and Dean chase after him until Dean eventually manages to tackle the guy into a rather convenient pile of soft, springy tires out in the restaurant's main parking lot. During the lengthy -- and I do mean l-e-n-g-t-h-y -- conversation that follows, we learn that Plucky's has a mysterious subbasement, from which the sketchy dirtbag has occasionally heard "spooky stuff through the vents," and...that's about it, really. I mean, the sketchy dirtbag has unusually yellow teeth for someone on network TV, but I think they've actually had this theme of disturbingly unattractive dentition running throughout the episode, so maybe that's what's going on with his mouth. Are we done here? Good.

Back inside Plucky's proper, Our Intrepid Heroes arrive just in time to witness a bit of conciliatory business between Harried Libby and her wicked little shit of a son that I will not be bothering to transcribe, after which Dean notices that the placemat the wicked little shit had been doodling upon is now missing. By now understanding that -- as Dean more or less puts it -- "bitchy [parents] plus sad kid plus placemat with something nuts written on it equals wacky corpse," Our Intrepid Heroes once again decide to split up, with Sam chasing after Harried Libby and her evil spawn "just to be safe" while Dean investigates the Plucky subbasement, alone. This should work out well for them. Doesn't it always?

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