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The Hardy Boys Shoot Rainbows Out Of Their Ass

And once more, we return from the break to find ourselves thrust back into the middle of the action from the top of the hour, only this time around, they've stepped things back a few beats so we can rewatch that whole glittery-bullet bit again. Joy.

Meanwhile, back in the subbasement, Dashing El Deano and Howie The Ginger-Haired Wonder Weenie won't stop talking already. Naturally, we must suffer through a recitation of The Wonder Weenie's thwarted hopes and dreams -- intercut, I should add, with recycled footage of Desperate Sammy getting his remarkably healthy ass handed to him by Green-Haired Gacys One And Two -- until Dashing El Deano focuses in on one particular drawing The Wonder Weenie tacked to the subbasement wall: As best as I can make out, it's of a blue-faced preteen lying dead at the bottom of a lake, and Dean correctly surmises that the crayoned corpse represents Howie The Ginger-Haired Wonder Weenie's brother, who drowned thanks to some seriously neglectful parenting. Dean also correctly surmises that the never-named brother's untimely demise so traumatized Howie that The Wonder Weenie never went close to an open body of water again, and with that, Dean snatches the drawing from the wall, wraps it around some nothing of a Plucky's-related tchotchke Howie had been working on, and tosses it into the still-flaming brazier in the center of the room. On cue, the personification of Howie's worst fear -- that would his long-dead brother, of course -- materializes to grasp at The Wonder Weenie's hand, and Howie immediately falls on his knees to drown at his long-dead brother's feet.

Meanwhile, The Gacys charge at Desperate Sammy one final time to take him down for good. Naturally, they reach him just as The Wonder Weenie drops dead, so instead of squishing the dear boy like a bug, they explode into a tremendous cloud of sparkly glitter, leaving the flabbergasted Sammy to flounder his way into this evening's final commercial break most thoroughly CHOMP!-less and alone. Poor Sam.

Plucky's Parking Lot. Aftermath. A glitter-bedecked Sam arrives looking like he'd just been attacked by "some PCP-crazed strippers," as a positively giddy Dean describes it, and after they both have a good laugh over how utterly ridiculous this entire episode's been, they settle in to chat about their goddamned feelings -- again, some more -- after which Darling Sammy presents Dashing El Deano with a gigantic, multicolored Slinky. Dashing El Deano responds to this kindness by presenting Darling Sammy with a large stuffed Plucky doll. Darling Sammy, bless him, promptly rips the hateful thing's head off and tosses it to the asphalt, after which Our Intrepid Heroes climb into this week's crapped-out piece of automotive trash and motor on off towards their next adventure.

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