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The Hardy Boys Shoot Rainbows Out Of Their Ass

Moments later, Our Intrepid Heroes make with the flashlight-fu through the darkened corridors of Plucky's proper and, after pausing to examine The Wall Of Fear -- which is now of course missing that bloody-toothed shark so prominently featured a couple of scenes ago -- they realize that someone or something in Wichita can now "literally fire off childhood fears at will." And as the boys whip out their trusty EMF readers to continue their after-hours investigation, the shot cross-fades to...

...the following morning, where it catches up with Harried Libby, who's just now arriving at Plucky's for the day shift, and I'm going to assume they'll be roping off The Filthy Ball Pit Of Doom for the day, because otherwise: Ew. Though, you know, all the rotten little brats that'll be traipsing through the place today deserve to end up elbow-deep in janitor guts, but whatever. That's not important right now because what is important right now is the fact that Harried Libby's wicked little shit of a son is once again giving her guff, this time for making him take the bus the rest of the way to school. And as the two exit Harried Libby's cramped Volkswagen hatchback to go their separate ways, the camera peers in to the passenger seat, where the wicked little shit's thoughtlessly left his notebook, a page of which features a fifty-foot-tall, laser-eyed, city-destroying robot currently rampaging through downtown Seattle. What? That is the Space Needle in the background, isn't it? And on that thrilling note, we enter this evening's next commercial break most woefully CHOMP!-less.

And we return from that break to find ourselves once again thrust back into the middle of the action from the top of the hour, with Desperate Sammy's heretofore remarkably healthy frame flipping ass-over-end to land against a pickup truck's windshield. The Green-Haired Gacys giggle and hoot and take turns booting Desperate Sammy in the derriere until it's time to slam back to...

..."04:34:12 Earlier," according to the ever-convenient 24 countdown clock at the bottom of the screen, to watch as Our Intrepid Heroes fruitlessly scour both the Internet and Sucky John's demonic day-planner for possible sources of this evening's villainy over in This Week's Motel Room. Eventually, they resign themselves to the fact that their assiduous research is getting them nowhere, and they bang their empty heads together until Super-Smart Sammy comes up with the following plan: Sam will don his FBI drag and play Bad Cop for the day, shaking down the remaining Plucky's employees until one of them cracks. For his part, Dean will loiter around the restaurant in his civvies and track anyone who freaks out. "What's my cover?" Dean rightfully wonders. "I don't know," Sam shrugs. "Just hang back. Act normal." "Yeah," Dean grunts. "Guy in his thirties hanging out at Plucky's alone -- that's normal. That's not pervy at all." Heh.

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