Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

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The Hardy Boys Shoot Rainbows Out Of Their Ass

Plucky's. A supremely pissy Dapper Sam stalks up behind Jean Holliday, Shift Manager and interrupts her hastily-called staff meeting to haul her into the employee's lounge for the first of this lengthy sequence's interrogations.

Meanwhile, an uncomfortable-looking Dean spots a tedious brat wandering past his table with a gigantic, multicolored Slinky in her hands, and he darts over to the restaurant's prize booth to offer Howie The Ginger-Haired Wonder Weenie cash money for a gigantic, multicolored Slinky of his very own. Unfortunately, Howie The Ginger-Haired Wonder Weenie has -- as Dean puts it -- "mainlined the Kool-Aid," and he refuses to accept Dean's money, instead directing Our Intrepid Hero over towards the restaurant's sole Skee-Ball machine so that Dean might, through "hard work and determination," win enough tickets to trade properly for the ridiculous object of his unlikely desire. Dashing El Deano unleashes a fearsome glare in Howie The Ginger-Haired Wonder Weenie's general direction, but he eventually relents and clompy-stomps off to get some quarters.

Employee Lounge. And as nothing these two have to say to each other has anything to do with anything else in this episode, we'll be skipping back over to...

...the restaurant's sole Skee-Ball machine to revel in Dean's disappointment as his first attempt at the game earns him a meager three of the thousand tickets he needs for that ridiculous, multicolored object of his unlikely desire. He's about to plug another few quarters into the machine's slot when the door to the employee's lounge swings open, and Jean Holliday, Shift Manager emerges to scamper off towards the loading dock. Instantly suspicious, Dean tags along after her, only to find her sparking up a much-needed joint out amongst the Dumpsters, and color me shocked, because I had no idea they could portray such casual drug use on broadcast television in prime time. You learn something new every day, I suppose. Though it's kind of asinine that Jean Holliday, Shift Manager gets to bake herself cross-eyed with no repercussions whatsoever when the only guy we've ever seen smoking an actual cigarette on this show ended up decapitated with a length of razor wire. Whatever. In any event, Dean arches an amused brow and hastily texts the following to his brother: "High Times not our gal."

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