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Battle Hymn of the Hardy Boys

Ridiculously Scenic Rustic Homestead. Meg tiptoes into the darkened cabin through the back door, only to find herself ensnared in a massive Devil's Trap Our Intrepid Heroes chalked onto the floorboards while she was away. D'OH! Darling Sammy snaps on the lights, and then the screaming begins, with Sam and Dean accusing Meg of general perfidiousness, while Meg argues she just saved their worthless-yet-tantalizing derrieres from a couple of Crowley's goons. My Sweet Baboo steps forward at this point to confirm Meg's story by noting the presence of stranger-demons' blood on The Knife That Can Kill Anything Except When It Usually Can't Except Tonight, but the nattering doesn't end there, because Meg's got to deliver a tidy little speech detailing her personal philosophy on life first. I'm tempted to transcribe it, mainly because she claims at one point that despite all Leviathan-related appearances to the contrary, Crowley remains Our Intrepid Heroes' primary threat, but as I do believe I just managed to extract the central message of the whole thing right there, I'll skip ahead to the bit where Darling Sammy breaks the trap to free her.

"This is good!" My Sweet Baboo enthuses once Meg joins them in the center of the cabin's main room. "Harmony and communication," Castiel twinkles before brightly adding, "Now our only problem is Hester!" "Huh?" the other three pretty much gape. "Well," My Ever-Patient Baboo explains, "we were hidden from the garrison, but when you killed a demon, you put out a pretty clear beacon!" And no sooner has he finished delivering that line than the ridiculously scenic homestead's door goes flying outwards into the blackness of the night, with Hester materializing in the parlor accompanied by Anaias and two new gentleman colleagues shortly thereafter. "You took The Prophet from us?" she shrills in My Sweet Baboo's adorable face. Castiel's all, "Uh, I didn't do anything with The Prophet, actually," but Hester will not be deterred from the verbal smackdown she's obviously been itching to deliver ever since Castiel popped up into that room back at the nuthouse in Indiana. "You have fallen in every way imaginable," she fumes, wrinkling her nose in disgust. With a nod, she sends Anaias fluttering off down to the cellar to fetch Addled Kevin and The Metatron Stone, leading Dashing El Deano to plead, "Look, just give us some time -- we will take care of your Prophet." "Why should we give you anything?" Hester retorts, shifting her fury's focus from My Sweet Baboo onto Dean. "After everything you have taken from us?" she continues. "The very touch of you corrupts!" she insists, claiming, "When Castiel first laid a hand on you in Hell, he was lost!" "And for that," she vows, "you're going to pay." Hester then proceeds to menace her way over towards Dashing El Deano, but My Sweet Baboo of course intervenes, and for his trouble, he gets pimp-slapped to the cabin floor. The increasingly unhinged Hester next whales on My Wimpy Baboo's pretty, pretty face for a while, screeching out things like "No more madness!" and "No more promises!" and "NO MORE NEW GODS!" until Meg sneaks up and ganks her with that Angel-Smiting Scimitar she pulled out of her ass about a half an hour ago. And when the howling and wailing are done, My Bloodied Baboo looks up at Meg to offer her little more than an almighty frowny-face by way of thanks. "Someone had to," Meg shrugs, and Castiel looks very sad indeed for a couple of moments until he disappears into this evening's final CHOMP!-less commercial break.

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