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Battle Hymn of the Hardy Boys

With My Sweet Baboo thus vanished from the scene, Dashing El Deano fusses and fumes and rants and raves until Meg calmly informs him that Castiel's likely gone no farther than the nuthouse dayroom, whereupon Dean clompy-stomps on out of there to fetch his Heavenly boyfriend, leaving Darling Sammy and Meg alone to talk amongst themselves. The chit-chat quickly degenerates into a pissy little bitchfight that leads them out into the hall until forest noises erupt from Castiel's room, where they'd conveniently left the shattered Metatron stone. The two of course immediately retrace their steps, only to find the stone gone. D'OH!

Out on the nuthouse lawn, Addled Kevin races back to his stolen car, Sam's stone-containing bag clutched tightly against his chest.

Nuthouse Dayroom. Dean enters to find Castiel sitting all by his lonesome at one of the tables. Dean sighs.

Nuthouse Lawn. Darling Sammy chases Addled Kevin around in circles, and no, I don't know how Sam immediately knew to look for an addled Asian teenager out on the nuthouse lawn, and in fact, I don't know how that addled Asian teenager was able to break into Castiel's upper-storey room to snatch the Metatron stone in the first place, but whatever. Long story short, Meg eventually biffs Addled Kevin in the face and, upon realizing he's "not a demon or a chomper," she and Sam commence with the interrogation. "What the hell are you?" Meg demands. "I'm Kevin Tran!" Addled Kevin replies. "I'm in advanced placement! Don't kill me!" "I'm not gonna kill you," Sam eyerolls, hauling Addled Kevin to the latter's feet, and there follows an amusing little bit of business wherein The Ginormotron tries and fails repeatedly to yank his stone-containing bag out of wee bitty Addled Kevin's arms. "I'm sorry!" Addled Kevin nearly sobs. "I don't know why, but I can't let go of this!" Meg and Sam exchange a few Looks Fraught With Significance until everyone on the screen drops into this evening's next CHOMP!-less commercial break.

Nuthouse Dayroom. Dashing El Deano approaches My Uncannily Serene Baboo and takes a seat opposite him at the table. "You realize you just broke God's Word?" Dean asks. Conflict-Averse Castiel averts his eyes. Dean sighs and mentions the ongoing Leviathan threat before grumping, "Do you remember what you did?" referring, of course, to events detailed way back during this season's long-ago premiere. Castiel quietly picks up a handy and remarkably appropriate board game to display its title by way of reply: "SORRY!" Cute, guys. Real cute. My Sweet Baboo then shakes the box once, and instantly, the contents appear on the table between them, already set up for play. "Do you want to go first?" Castiel too-innocently asks. Dean glares.

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