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Battle Hymn of the Hardy Boys

Meanwhile, back upstairs, Meg and Sam continue to pepper Addled Kevin with questions the wayward teen is utterly incapable of answering. Eventually, Sam instructs the kid to open the bag, and when Addled Kevin instinctually pieces the shattered Metatron stone back together, the thing magically fuses itself whole again. DUN!

Dayroom. "You know," Castiel begins, trying to be all conversational and such, "we weren't sure which monkeys were gonna make it." As Dean selects a card from the pile and shifts his pieces around the board in an obvious effort to humor his angelic boyfriend, that angelic boyfriend continues, "No offense, but I was backing the Neanderthals because their poetry was just amazing -- it's in perfect tune with the spheres!" "But in the end," Castiel shrugs, drawing a card of his own, "it was you -- you guys ate the apple, invented pants..." "Is there a fucking point to all this, you lunatic?" Dean more or less interrupts. Castiel continues to reply cryptically, freely using the game as a metaphor for the larger issues at hand, and it's a nice little scene between the two of them -- I've really missed the way Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins play off each other this year -- but Dean eventually loses all patience and, with one sweeping gesture, he knocks the board and all its pieces to the floor to shout, "Forget the damn game!" Castiel drops his crazy head and whispers, "I'm sorry." "No," Dean realizes, "you're playing sorry!" and from that absolutely mind-blowing revelation, we head back...

...upstairs, where Addled Kevin's just now beginning to pick out a couple of words and phrases from Metatron's fussy script. "You can read it?" Sam gasps. "Sort of," Addled Kevin admits, noting, "It hurts a little -- like looking through somebody else's glasses -- but I think it's about Leviathan? How it came to be?" There's a little more babbling from the kid along those lines until Darling Sammy cuts to the chase to demand, "Does it say anything about how to kill them?" "I don't know!" Addled Kevin whines, complaining, "It's hard to focus on it too long!" and just as an increasingly peeved Meg looks like she's about to smack the holy living crap out of the obnoxious little brat, her Spidey-sense starts to tingle, flipping her eyes beetle-black as she realizes, "Something's up." The room's lights start buzzing and blinking and flickering on and off, seemingly of their own accord, as Addled Kevin gets a glimpse of Meg's bitterly black demonic eyes and freaks. Fortunately, there's little time to be devoted to that, as a blonde-haired angel has just fluttered into the doorway from points unknown to seethe, "Demon!" in Meg's general direction, and no sooner has the word left the angel's lips than she flips a bit of telekinetic mojo that sends Meg practically crashing through the wall.

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