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Battle Hymn of the Hardy Boys

Downstairs, My Sweet Baboo stops retrieving game pieces from the floor long enough to go all spacey and dizz, "Sam! He's talking to angels!" Dashing El Deano's response to this bit of unexpected news is, I'm sure, extreme, but we unfortunately don't get a chance to witness it, as the camera wastes little time knocking us back...

...upstairs, where the angel lady's just now sneering, "A demon whore and a Winchester, again!" Oooh! Buuuurn! Darling Sammy moves to cross to Addled Kevin's side, prompting the angel lady to shout, "Step away from The Prophet!" Sam instantly gets this hilarious "Whaaaaaaaaaaa?" look on his face as Addled Kevin blurts something stupid, after which the angel lady glances at her male companion I haven't bothered to mention yet before intoning, "Sole Keeper Of The Word On Earth, we are here to take you!" Addled Kevin of course is all, "Um, take me where?" but that's not important right now because what is important right now is the angel lady's command to her colleague to smite "the demon and her lover," now. DUN! The still-silent colleague raises a hand to sear the bitterly black cloud of demonic goo clear out of Meg's Vessel, but at the last instant, she slashes at the colleague's palm with an Angel-Smiting Scimitar she's just now pulled out of her ass, and generalized consternation abounds in the tiny little room until My Sweet Baboo flutters on in with a beatific smile on his face.

"Castiel?" the gentleman angel swoons, so surprised is he that My Sweet Baboo lives. "You!" the angel lady bristles, not nearly as overjoyed as her colleague is by this development, and barely has Castiel had a chance to greet this "Hester" by name when she advances upon him, snarling, "You smote thousands in Heaven, you gave a big scary speech, and then you were gone? What the hell was that?" "Rude, for one thing," Castiel admits, getting all sweetly and adorably apologetic before trying to win Hester and "Anaias" over with his little finger trick from earlier. Unfortunately, neither Hester nor Anaias is in the mood to play, and just when things are about to get ugly, Dashing El Deano materializes in the doorway to activate the bloody Angel-B-Gon sigil he'd sneakily smeared onto the hallway wall, sending all three of the Heavenly beings flying off somewhere else for now. The boys plus Meg proceed to chat about their options at the moment until Addled Kevin starts screaming, "WHAT'S HAPPENING?" over and over again over in the tight little corner he'd crawled into during the above insanity and, after Darling Sammy makes with the appropriate introductions, this evening's third CHOMP!-less commercial break comes on little cat feet to snatch Addled Kevin away.

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