First Born

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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man
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THEN! The show introduced us to a Knight of Hell named Abaddon, and she looked amazing from the crown of her red, red hair to the tips of her even redder nails, even after she was burnt to a crisp. The also introduced us to the nth iteration of Winchester angst, this time the result of Dean letting some weirdo angel squat inside Sam like he was a dilapidated row house in the bad part of town. That angel pretended to be a good guy named Ezekiel, when he was actually a sucky loser named Gadreel. To prove he was loyal to Metatron, Gadreel killed Kevin Tran, then absconded with Sam's lanky bod. Crowley agreed to help evict squatter Gadreel in exchange for his own freedom, and a hot oil massage. Dean granted him the freedom part, but he was so distraught over the whole fiasco that he decided to hit the road all by his lonesome.

This brings us to Jasper Springs, Mississippi in 1863, according to the helpful chyron. A man in a Confederate soldier's uniform rides on horseback through windy, sepia-toned woods. Mournful violin music plays. The soldier stops outside a small cabin and ties his horse to a hitching post. Inside, two more soldiers warm their hands by the fireplace. Hearing the horse outside, one of them grabs his gun and stands at attention. "He's coming!" shouts the first soldier as he pushes his way inside. Everybody looks nervous. "Stand your ground, no matter what happens," he says. "The knight must be protected!"

The whole cabin begins to tremble, and the wind outside picks up. The curtains flap even though the windows are closed. That's how you know it's one of them there special winds. The soldiers look terrified. Their eyes go black. The door doesn't even open, and suddenly there's a man with a beard and a head of beautifully wavy hair standing there. He picks the soldier nearest him and grabs him under the jaw, lifting him off his feet like a doll. Intense red light explodes out of the demonic soldier's eyes and mouth. The intruder snaps his neck, then tosses him aside. The other soldiers shoot, to no effect. Were they not informed of their enemy's hardiness? Because they seemed a little surprised when he advances on them, completely unharmed. To save some money on the special effects budget, we witness the other soldiers' deaths from outside the cabin, as a spilling of red light through the windows. Two horses see this going on and they're just like, "Whatever."

We pick back up inside the cabin as the handsome intruder picks his way over the dead bodies of his fallen enemies. From the inside of his leather duster, he pulls out the jawbone of an animal that's been fashioned into a knife. He approaches an interior door and then, with one boot-clad foot, kicks it open to reveal...

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