First Born

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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man

"Well, good luck with that!" Cain says. Dean is surprised Cain isn't going to fight on their side. Dude is retired. What's there to be surprised about? Cain takes his groceries into the kitchen. "If you survive, you're welcome to join me for the last meal I'll in this house before I disappear again!" He's kind of pissed about Dean exposing him to the demons. Dean gapes like he can't believe that the Father of Murder isn't a totally standup guy.

Back to Sam making funny faces while Castiel continues sucking angel goo out of him. "Keep going," Sam snuffles when Castiel hesitates. "Why must the Winchesters run toward death?" Castiel wonders. He tries to pull out, but Sam grabs on and shoves it back in. Castiel reminds him how precious life is, but Sam is determined. "Please, please help me do one thing right," he pleads. He's really racked by guilt over Kevin's death, but Castiel is nearly as tortured by the thought of harming Sam. Nonetheless, he pushes in deeper.

Cain, the first farmer, has a pantry stocked with canned vegetables. He retired from more than killing, it seems. Dean pushes the fridge in front of the kitchen door. "You take the front," Dean tells Crowley. The King of Hell does as he's told, and wordlessly closes the French doors behind him. Any time you see a closed glass door on this show, you know somebody's about to come hurtling through it. Cain sits at his table, shucking some delicious-looking ears of corn. "So this is your play – corn?" Dean asks. "What am I not getting here? I mean, it's not like you're not a coward." Cain scoffs. "Since when does the great Dean Winchester ask for help?" Dude, all the time! Cain decides to test Dean, or maybe just make things a bit more interesting, because oy, enough with the talking! He snaps his fingers and the fridge moves away from the door.

Trucker Cap and a lady friend barge into the kitchen. With another snap of his fingers, Cain moves the fridge back in front of the door, sealing everybody inside. "Don't mind me," he says. "Enjoy yourselves!" Right on cue, some random demon comes hurtling through those glass doors. What happens next is the best and most creative hand-to-hand fight scene the show has had in a very long time. It's so entertaining that I forgot to recap it and just watched it. So, time to rewind a bit.

Random Demon tangles with Dean, then throws him over the kitchen table. This only serves to put Dean in exactly the right place to grab Trucker Cap and gut him with his demon-killing blade. Trucker Cap looks pretty surprised, and then he looks pretty dead. Lady Friend and Random Demon go after Dean together, and lay him out on the table. Cain just keeps shucking his corn and quirks an eyebrow at Dean. "You're doing great," he says. With a mighty kick, Dean sends Lady Friend flying into the wall, then punches Random about the face a few times. At some point during the melee, Lady Friend has grabbed hold of Dean's knife. She comes at him with it, but he grabs a towel off the counter, catches her with it and then slingshots her into the china cabinet. When Random comes at him again, Dean just starts hurling crap at him. He manages to stab Lady Friend while Random is looking for a weapon of his own.

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