First Born

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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man

Out in the living room, Crowley finds himself staring down some kid demon. "Isn't it past your bedtime?" Crowley snarkily says. Kid Demon lands a kick that sends Crowley sprawling to the floor. "You're good," Crowley says, then stabs Kid Demon with an angel blade as he's getting back up. "But I'm Crowley." Heh.

Random and Dean are still duking it out. Cain grabs himself a beer and watches while Dean finally gets his opponent down on the table. He skewers Random through the throat, then looks up at Cain with what might be one of Dean's scariest goddamned expressions ever. Any lesser demon would simply self-exorcise under the intensity of that glare. Cain gives him an equally intense look, although his is full of consideration and measuring, and not so much with the I want to kill you in the face right now.

Dean picks up on it. "What was this – some kind of a test?" he asks. "I felt connected to you right from the beginning," Cain says. "Kindred spirits, if you will." Dean bristles at that. "Yeah, except I didn't kill my brother," he says. "You saved yours," Cain agrees. Then: "Why?" Because he's crazy codependent, that's why. "Because you never give up on family – ever," Dean says. Cain points out Sam isn't there with him. Dean doesn't want to talk about that, though, so he reiterates his need for the First Blade. Cain goes about cooking his corn and says he no longer has the weapon.

Castiel pokes around for more grace leavings, and then he notices his peanut butter sandwich on the table. What's it doing in the infirmary? He thinks and thinks, then thinks some more. Blood oozes out of Sam's eyes and nose. Castiel withdraws the needle, then heals Sam with a touch. Sam sits up with a start. "Cass! What the hell was that?" "I've healed your wounds completely," Castiel says. He's not sure if there's enough grace for the spell, but didn't want to risk losing Sam. "Being human didn't just change my view of food," he says. "It changed my view of you." He says he can relate more now. "The only person who has screwed things up more consistently than you... is me," he says. He knows what guilt feels like now. He seemed to feel pretty guilty as an angel, too, but whatever. He even says there was a time that he would have kept going with that needle until Sam died. That doesn't seem to jibe with anything in the show, though. The worst he's done to Sam was break his brain, and that was getting hopped up on monster souls. What version of his old self is he saying would kill Sam? Oh, hey, he's still talking: "That PB&J taught me angels can change. Maybe Winchesters can, too." Don't hold your breath, sandwich boy.

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