First Born

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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man

Crowley's having a hard time believing that Cain doesn't have the First Blade. Why else would the spell have pointed them there? Cain pulls up the sleeve of his shirt and shows a scar on the inside of his arm. Cain himself is the source of the blade's power, and that's why the spell focused on him. Crowley sees the scar and makes the sign of the cross. "It's the bloody mark of Cain!" he whisper-shouts. "From Lucifer himself," Cain says. It looks kind of like a backwards F, or maybe an ideogram meant to represent the gap-toothed blade. "The mark and the blade work together," he says. "Without the mark, the blade is useless. It's just an old bone." This is the first Crowley's hearing about bones, which gives Dean the opportunity to show off his intermittent smarts. "It's the jawbone you used to kill Abel, because he was God's favorite." But there's a twist! It turns out that Abel wasn't talking to God, but to Lucifer. Cain explains that Lucifer wanted Abel, so Cain made a deal to take his place. "Lucifer accepted, as long as I was the one who sent Abel to Heaven," he says. "So I killed him, became a soldier of Hell." He went on killing rampages with his fellow Knights, and then he met Colette. "She loved me unconditionally. She forgave me." He looks at Crowley when he says this. Coincidence or foreshadowing? Colette asked him to stop killing, and so he did. "When the Knights found out, they took retribution. They took Colette, so I picked the First Blade back up, and it felt so good to have in my hands again, and I slaughtered the Knights of Hell." All except one...

Flashback to the sepia-toned days of yesteryear. Cain kicks open that door that we saw in the teaser. This time, it's not the title card awaiting him, but Colette. He starts toward her, overjoyed, then realizes she's not who she seems. "What have you done to my wife?" he asks. Her eyes turn black. "Answer me, Abaddon!" If it was Abaddon in there the whole time, then what the hell were those soldiers for? Asking lesser demons to protect a Knight of Hell seems like hiring kittens to protect a lion. Abaddon wants him to come back to the Knights. Of course he refuses, so Abaddon starts breaking Colette's body from the inside. "We could have been forever," Abaddon says. "But you chose her!" This isn't all boiling down to a spurned lover thing, is it? Because ew. She begins to smoke her way out of Colette's body. Cain, with terrible timing, moves an instant too late and ends up stabbing a completely un-possessed Colette. She crumples against him, gasping in pain. He falls with her to the floor, crying, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!" For some reason, Colette doesn't want him to go after Abaddon. "There's been enough killing," she says. "Promise me." She goes limp in his arms and he weeps against her lifeless body.

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