First Born

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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man

"So I buried her and I walked away," he finishes in the present day. "Well, I'm sorry, truly," Dean says. "But I have to stop Abaddon." Cain turns away, but Dean grabs him and points the tip of his demon-killing knife at him. "You may be done killing, but I'm not!" Crowley's face goes, "Oh shit!" Cain grabs Dean's hand and pulls the knife into his heart. It does less damage than the slap of a gnat's wing. "You never give up on anything, do you?" Cain sneers. "Never," Dean agrees. Cain disappears just as hordes of demons come running up to the house.

Cain drops to his knees at Colette's grave. "I've tried to see myself as you did, but I know who I am, what I am. I know you watch over me still, but I need you to look away now." Distant shouts of the approaching demons can be heard. Cain presses a kiss to the soil.

Dean is surprised when Cain reappears in front of the fireplace. "I can give you the mark, Dean, if it's what you truly want," Cain says. He says the mark can be transferred to someone who's "worthy," which Dean takes to mean another killer. Dozens of demons pour out of the woods and pound on the farmhouse doors. "Can I use it to kill that bitch?" Dean asks. "Yes, but you have to know that with the mark comes a great burden," Cain says. "Some would call it a great cost." But Winchesters aren't known for asking about the little details, so Dean clasps hands with Cain as if shaking on a deal. Cain's scar dissipates into thread-like red veins that travel down his forearm, up through Dean's hand and then coalesce into a new scar. It sizzles like a steak on the grill. Dean grunts with the pain, and just about doubles over. Cain says he threw the blade into the deepest ocean, and Crowley makes a face that's like a face palm without the palm. Good luck driving to the Marianas Trench – it's not even in America! "You find the blade, kill Abaddon, but make me a promise first," Cain says. He probably should have gotten the promise before he transferred the mark, right? He goes on: "When I call you – and I will call – you come find me, and use the blade on me." Dean doesn't promise, but Cain zaps both him and Crowley back to the Impala. Meanwhile, Cain stays behind to fight off all the demons. Dean and Crowley make their escape while the farmhouse lights up like the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

Back at the LOL, Sam and Castiel mix up the angelic tracking spell. It smokes and bubbles, then falls flat as a gas-station soda. Nothing else happens. "Was that... it?" Sam asks. "I'm afraid there wasn't enough grace," Castiel says. "I'm sorry, Sam." Sam practically deflates with disappointment, but sucks it up as best he can. "You were right about everything," Sam says, throwing his arms around Castiel's shoulders. Castiel is so surprised that he just kind of... stands there. Sam pats him on the back and sways with the sheer force of the hug. "This is the part where you hug back," Sam says into his shoulder. "Oh, right," Castiel says, awkwardly bringing his hands up to Sam's back for a little pat pat pat. They finally part from their epic hug, with Castiel saying it's Metatron they should be looking for. "I'm gonna find him," he says. He starts to leave, then turns back to Sam. "You know, we could use all the help we could get to find Gadreel and Metatron." But Sam is determined not to call Dean. Apparently when he said Castiel was right about everything, he meant almost everything. Maybe the angel should have used a hoagie metaphor.

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