First Born

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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man

Dean and Crowley drive up to the edge of some waterside park. Maybe the Marianas Trench has moved to Missouri? "He was right, you know," Crowley says. "You are worthy." This comforts Dean not a bit: "Aw, great, now you're gonna get all touchy-feely, too?" Crowley points out a fact that many a viewer long ago realized: "Your problem is, mate, is that nobody hates you more than you." Man, thanks to Trucker Cap I can't stop noticing how pointy Dean's ears are. With that beard coming in, it's like looking at the Wolf Man or something. Dean isn't up for talking about his self-esteem issues with the King of Hell, so he moves on to another subject. "How do we find this blade?" Crowley says Dean obviously can't search the bottom of the ocean. (Impala's like, "I bet I could do it, asshole.") Crowley, however, can. He's going to possess one of those deep-sea angler fish! Ooh, or maybe a goblin shark!

They both get out of the car, but before Crowley can depart, Dean has one more topic he'd like to discuss. "I saw you back at Cain's," he says. "You dusted that undercard demon, and then you just sat back." Such is the power of Dean's intermittent observational skills that he was able to keep an eye on what Crowley was doing while he himself was engaged in thrilling combat with multiple demons. Why can't the show let him be this smart and competent all the time? "You knew," Dean says. "You knew about the mark, you knew about Abaddon and Cain, you knew all of it... and you played me." We flash back to Crowley making a big show of shaking his teacup in "fear," to noticing Trucker Cap in the bar when he was glancing out of frame. "Why?" Dean asks. "I knew he wouldn't give me the blade," Crowley says. "But who can resist you?" He wanted Dean to fight those demons so that Cain would get to see him in action. Dean blames Crowley for Tara's death, which, yeah. Let that be a lesson to all you hunters out there about irreparably damaging your own damned devil's trap. Crowley makes no apologies, so Dean punches him in the face. Dean probably would have punched him in the face even if he had apologized, though, because Crowley's an asshole and it shouldn't be forgotten. Or unpunished. "After I kill Abaddon, you're next!" Crowley scoffs, but blips away to go look for the blade.

Dean seethes with quiet rage, then winces at the sudden pain in his arm. He rolls up his sleeve to look at his new storyline. Yup, still there. But for how long?

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