First Born

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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man

... the Supernatural title card! Is he going to fight the show next? I hope he's going to fight the show.

In the present day, Dean has plunked himself down at that bar where Gadreel's first (and current) vessel worked. A waitress catwalks by, tosses her luxuriant hair and gives Dean an inviting smile. He looks receptive – and even stubblier than usual – but then Crowley materializes beside him at that precise moment. "So, is that boudoir smile for me?" purrs the erstwhile King of Hell and current cock blocker. He holds a red carnation to his nose in an almost coquettish fashion. Dean and his nascent beard are dismayed to see him. Dean reaches into his jacket for his demon-killing knife. "At least buy me a drink first," says Crowley with a downward glance at the knife. "I said the next time I see you," Dean starts to him. But Crowley doesn't need reminding. He remembers perfectly well that Dean promised to kill him. "Let's not dwell on the past, shall we?" Crowley suggests. He says that Gadreel is no longer there, so why not move on to destroying Abaddon?

"Good luck with that," Dean grumbles. "The Knights of Hell aren't exactly the dying kind." Was last week the first time they mentioned the Knights being immortal? It might have been a good idea to bring that up earlier in the season – maybe a few times. "But there is something that can kill a Knight," Crowley says. Dean doesn't try to kill him, so he exposits on: "The weapon that the archangels used to execute them: the First Blade." Dean puts his own blade down on the bar, which seems like maybe not a great idea. What if Crowley just decided to go yoink! the thing and disappear? Maybe Dean is kind of really drunk.

Crowley goes on to explain about how one of his old minions heard about the weapon, but then got himself killed off by John Winchester before he could pass on the deets. "I'm here to see if there's anything in the John Winchester Memorial Library that might lead us to the First Blade." Dean looks at him like he can't believe the guavas on this guy. "You wanna hunt... with me?" he scoffs. "I do love a good buddy comedy," Crowley says. Dean looks at him for a long time, then puts away his knife and pulls out John's old journal. Maybe that's why he wears so many layers all the time. He can conceal all manner of weapons and reading material within the myriad pockets in his shirts and jackets.

While Dean flips through the journal, Crowley casts a suspicious eye at someone out of frame. Maybe another waitress is eying his man. The handwriting in the journal isn't as pretty as we've seen before. It says something about "powerful demons" and those "who are fallen are... called devils." Have there been devils on the show? Aside from Sam's old sideburns? The entry is short on details, but it does offer up a code that points to one of John's old storage lockers, as well as the single letter "T." "Let's go find Daddy's man-cave, shall we?" Crowley says. "How do I know this isn't a trap?" Dean asks. "You don't – but that's what makes it fun," Crowley says, taking another sniff of his carnation. Dean scowls, but leaves the bar with him. Watching them go is a guy sitting not two stools away, wearing a trucker cap that would give one of Bobby's old chapeaux a run for its money in the filth department. Then, just in case the sudden musical turn toward the ominous didn't clue us in as to his true nature, the guy's eyes go demonically black.

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