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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man

Lair O' Letters. Castiel sits at the map table, trying his level best to eat a sandwich. He takes a bite, screws up his face like a child made to eat liver, and grunts with disapproval. "It tastes like... molecules," he says as Sam walks into the room. "What are you talking about?" Sam asks. "When I was human, I had to eat constantly," Castiel explains. "It was kind of annoying... but I enjoyed the taste of food." He was particularly fond of peanut butter sandwiches, but now with his angelic taste buds restored, things are different. "I can taste every molecule," he says. "Not the sum of its parts," Sam anvils. Because it's a metaphor, you see. If you concentrate on the individual components – like Dean lying to Sam – then you miss out on the bigger picture – like big bro's good intentions. One wonders how long Castiel sat there with those sandwich fixins, coming up with the symbolism, before Sam's approach cued him to eat.

He changes the subject to Sam's next healing session. "We're almost done," he says when Sam makes a sound of impatience. He touches his fingers to Sam's brow and looks worried. "What?" Sam prompts him. "Nothing," Castiel says. "You're a terrible liar," Sam says, batting away his hand. "That is not true," Castiel huffs. "I once deceived and betrayed both you and your brother!" Heh. Poor Sam. He doesn't realize that people's abilities vary wildly from episode to episode, depending on how stupid the plot requires them to be. Castiel says he felt something... resonating inside Sam. "It's something angelic," he says, following quickly with, "Maybe we should call Dean." What's Dean supposed to do about it? You're an actual bona fide angel, Cass! This is kinda in your wheelhouse! But everything from his sandwich musings onward is really about trying -- in his own awkward way -- to get the brothers Winchester back together. "He wanted to go and he's gone," Sam says. "We'll handle this." Castiel looks like he's got a sudden case of heartburn, and not from his sandwich.

Dean has covered Crowley's head with a black cloth sack and removes it only when they get to John's old storage locker. Is it a magic sack? Because it's not like Crowley is bound anymore. He can probably sense where he is just with regular old demon magic. "Was all this really necessary?" Crowley asks. "I mean, I've been inside your brother; we're practically family!" Dean grabs Crowley by the lapels of his tailored suit and shoves him against a shelving unit. "You listen to me: we are the furthest thing from family. You got that, dickbag?" When is he going to learn that Crowley likes the rough stuff? It's practically foreplay for him. But for once, Crowley doesn't have a flirtatious little comeback, and backs down. Dean lets go of him, growling, "You wanna hunt, let's hunt."

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