First Born

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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man

Dean ventures further into the locker, but Crowley's path is barred by a devil's trap painted on the floor. He busies himself with sniffing around old spice jars or magic ingredients, or whatever they are, while Dean pokes through a ratty desk. The brothers really should have excavated these lockers ages ago, shouldn't they? It's not like they're hurting for storage space now. Plus, this crap looks pretty useful. Dusty and gross, but useful! Dean quickly finds a file with neatly typed notes and printout about Cain and Abel. "Looks like my dad was working with another hunter," he says. He shows Crowley some actress's black-and-white audition photo. She has Pat Benatar's old hair and Sarah Connor's old arms. "I guess the 'T' didn't stand for 'terrible father,'" Crowley says. "Tara," Dean reads off the photo. Can't it stand for both? He scans the notes. "Looks like they exorcised the demon, but not before he mentioned the First Blade." There's not much else in the file, so they decide to go visit Tara.

As we drop back in on the LOL, the camera pans over an old-looking book titled Angelicos Bellatorum. Angel Wars? Sounds like a goth band. "I found something," Castiel announces, reading from another book. "It's a detail about when angels leave their vessels, I think. It's Enochian, which can be a bit flowery." He reads to Sam: "And the departed shall remain, and the remains shall be the departed." Castiel looks confused, so Sam translates: "When an angel leaves a vessel, they leave behind a piece of themselves, like an angelic fingerprint." I would have compared it to the remnants of a hearty steak dinner left clinging to the walls of one's colon, but whatever. Also, shouldn't Castiel already know these things? He's possessed more than one vessel. Did he not notice he was shedding bits of himself in people? Like he notices the molecules of a sandwich, but not his own angelic flotsam? "Whatever you want to call it," Castiel says, "this piece of the 'departed' contains grace." He says it's fading with every healing session, but they might be able to extract what's left and use it to find Gadreel. He finds an old Men of Letters file with handy instructions, and an illustration of a big, honking syringe. "The Men of Letters believed you could perform a tracking spell with extracted grace, but they were never able to test the theory," Castiel says. "Well, they didn't have a guinea pig, and we do," Sam says. "You have a guinea pig?" Castiel dumbly asks.

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