First Born

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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man

Dean and Crowley make their way to a pawn shop creatively named Tara's Pawn Shop. They find Tara behind the counter, reading the first issue of Locke & Key. The Pat Benatar hair is gone, but the muscles are perhaps even more impressive. "Can I help you?" she asks. "Yeah, I hope so," Dean says. "Does John Winchester ring a bell?" She doesn't say anything, so Dean adds, "I'm his son." She looks doubtful, but asks, "Sam or Dean?" They establish who he is, then her right knee suddenly buckles. The camera spends too much time on it for it to be insignificant. "Didn't you grow up pretty," she notices. Dean doesn't look as flattered as one might expect. While he's trying to bullshit her about his business associate, Tara pulls a double-barreled shotgun out from behind the counter. "Ever since '92, I get a painful little tickle in what's left of my knee whenever a demon's around." Crowley decides to blip out of there while the hunters sort things out, but it turns out there's a devil's trap under the rug beneath his feet.

Dean tries to explain. "Tara, my associate – " Crowley cuts him off with a correction: "Friends! Besties, actually!" This only makes matters worse, of course. Tara keeps her gun aimed squarely at Crowley's chest. "Look, I'm the King of Hell, he's a Winchester. There's a reason why we're working together." Tara, assuming Dean to be possessed, splashes him in the face with holy water. To her surprise, he remains as pretty as ever instead of bubbling up like the cheese on a piping hot pizza. Dean says they're looking for the First Blade. "You are as handsome as John, and as dumb, too, if you're lookin' for that old relic," she says. "We're hunting a Knight of Hell," Dean says simply.

Tara brings out her old notes, meticulously written out on parchment with detailed drawings. How very old-fashioned. "The demon said the archangels used a weapon that could kill the Knights of Hell," she says. Yes, yes, we already know that part. She says she and John thought the demon was lying, that they'd never heard of the Knights or the First Blade. "So we took him out, and then had a lovely weekend together!" This union better not have produced another half-brother who's waiting in the wings. Tara doesn't say anything about that, but does say she kept looking for the weapon after John left. It's funny how John dismissed the idea of the First Blade, but was like, "I totally buy that Samuel Colt made a gun that can kill anything!" Tara says she looked all over the world for the weapon, but never found it. "All I found was a location spell for the blade that I could never finish," she says, producing a tray of ingredients from her wall safe. She lacked the "essence of kraken" that the spell required. Luckily, it just so happens Crowley has some kraken goo stashed in Belize, so Tara reluctantly sets him free of her devil's trap. She does this by shooting the floor where the symbol is painted, instead of doing something sensible like, say, scratching it with a knife. How do hunters even make it past their first hunt?

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