First Born

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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man

"Do either of you keep bees?" Cain asks, walking into the room with accoutrements for a tea party. Seriously, he has adorably mismatched teacups, as one might accumulate through many trips to a flea market, or by living a very, very long time. "It's very relaxing," he says. "They're such noble creatures, and they honey! Well, I keep it right on the comb." He serves everybody some tea while he mourns the looming demise of bees. Crowley holds his cup with shaking hands, like he's having tea with Hyacinth Bucket. "So," Cain wonders, "what are the King of Hell and a Winchester doing at my house?" Dean looks very cute with his wee cup in his big mitts. "You know who we are?" he asks. "I'm retired, not dead," Cain says. He joins them in their sit-and-chat, and wonders why they're looking for him and how they found him. Crowley starts to bullshit something, so Cain just goes, "Shh!" and suddenly he can't talk anymore. "Oh, you gotta teach me how to do that," Dean says.

"Why are you here, Dean?" Cain asks, losing his patience. "We're looking for the weapon the archangels used to kill the Knights of Hell," Dean says. As soon as Dean mentions Abaddon's name, Cain's hand curls into a fist. This doesn't escape Dean's notice, and neither does the ornate silver band on Cain's ring finger. Now, either Timothy Omundson has naturally scruffy nails, or the makeup department had a very keen eye for detail, because these are very believably the hands of a farmer. Cain says nothing, so Dean goes on. "Look, we're not here to get between you and the demonic AARP, but it's bad out there and I'm just lookin' to even the odds." He says they weren't even looking for him, and that the location spell was for the First Blade. Cain gives him a long, considering look. "Anyone else know you're here?" he asks. "No," Dean lies. Or maybe it's not totally a lie. Tara only knows that they're somewhere in Missouri, right?

Speaking of Tara... There she is in her pawn shop, doing everything but repairing that devil's trap she shot up. She probably regrets this the moment her knee twinges and that demon from the bar walks in. "'Scuse me, ma'am," the demon says with mock politeness. "I wonder if you might have seen a some of my friends pass through here? Big guy, kinda funny ears..." Of all the ways to describe Dean Winchester, he goes with that? Tara grabs her gun and shoots.

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