First Born

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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man

Cain decides that he's had enough of the sit-and-chat format, and bids them adieu. "You can let yourselves out," he says, walking away. "Hey, pal, we're not leaving here without the blade," Dean says. Either he's profoundly stupid or he has cojones the size of watermelons. Cain kindly gives him the benefit of the doubt: "I see the part about you being brave rings true!" Cain says he's the one who trained the Knights of Hell, and he's the one who killed them, but declines to explain why. Story tease! "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have errands to run in town," he says. "Goodbye, Dean Winchester. Never return." With that, the first murderer just walks out of the room.

Dean and Crowley make their way toward the Impala. "Well that was lovely," Crowley says. "Can we leave the country now?" And since nobody ever thinks to look for anyone or anything outside America, that would be the most effective escape plan. "You said the First Blade was our only shot at killing Abaddon," Dean reminds him. He plans to wait until Cain is away from home, then break in and take the blade.

Back at the lair, Sam and Castiel are gathering their tools for the extraction. "Sam, may I ask you a question?" Castiel asks. "You just did," Sam says. So Castiel punches him in the face and shouts, "You are terrible at banter!" Or maybe the two of them just continue on in this unfunny fashion until Sam finally gives up. "Sam, the trials -- you chose not to go through with them for a reason, didn't you?" Castiel asks. Then he answers for Sam: "You chose to live, rather than to sacrifice yourself." Sam's not falling for that little bit of logic! "But then Dean chose for me," he argues. Castiel tries to rebut, but Sam cuts him off. "Dean's gone! This is on me now. If I can find Gadreel, then I can fix this." What is the "this" that Sam thinks he's going to fix? Is he trying to bring back Kevin? Find out who Gadreel is working for? Goals are so nebulous on this show.

The two of them make their way into the infirmary, because the LOL has one of those, apparently. Sam strips off one of his shirts and hands the syringe to Castiel. He takes a deep breath and settles himself onto an examination table. I was waiting for Castiel to be like, "All right, put your feet in the stirrups," but apparently it's not that kind of deal.

Dean and Crowley return to Cain's House of Bees. "This is by far the dumbest idea you've ever had," Crowley whispers. Hahaha! No. I mean, it's dumb, but it doesn't even crack the top ten. When they split up to search the house, the first thing Dean finds is a framed photo of a woman who's wearing a ring like Cain's. Her name -- Colette -- has been helpfully written at the bottom of her picture. Also, there is a carton of milk sitting out on the kitchen counter. Ew.

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