First Born

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This Hardy Boy is a Marked Man

Meanwhile that trucker cap demon pulls up outside Cain's house and makes a phone call. "You'll never believe what the Winchester and Crowley found," he says. "Send backup," he tells whoever is on the other end. "Send everybody." One side of his face has been nearly blasted off, leaving deep, bloody pits and bits of flesh flapping about. For some reason, that's the side to which he holds his phone, then winces when he pulls it away. Use your other ear, dumbass!

Castiel places a steadying hand on Sam's considerable brow, and jabs him under the jaw with the syringe. It seems like kind of a random place. Sam huffs in pain. "Now comes the part that will actually hurt," Castiel warns. He pulls up on the plunger and extracts a bit of swirling blue light. "Is it working?" Sam asks. "Yeah, but I need to push the needle in deeper," Castiel says. "We need more grace in order to cast the spell." He tries to warn Sam there could be dire consequences if he goes too deep, but Sam commands him to keep going. Also, can't Castiel just heal him up if he makes an oopsie? Just not seeing the big worry here. As Castiel nudges the needle further in, Sam has flashes of his as Gadreel's vessel, as well as his own declining health through the trials. As soon as the needle is out, the flashes stop. "What the hell was that?" Sam gasps. That was the show trying to make your part of the episode as interesting as the A-Plot. "Your body is regressing to the state it was in before Gadreel," Castiel says. Nonetheless, Sam tells him to keep going until they have enough grace for the spell.

Dean and Crowley meet up after their search through Cain's house has left them empty-handed, more or less. "I figured out why he went off the reservation so many years ago," Dean says, handing Crowley the photo. "Lovely, a little plain," Crowley judges. They try to skedaddle when they hear Cain returning from his errands, but find the doors locked. "That belongs to me," Cain says. He's got a bag of groceries in one arm. Crowley returns the photo with apologies.

Before they can worry about the repercussions of their snooping session, they notice Trucker Cap and his friends pulling up outside. Apparently somebody sent "backup," but Trucker Cap had to go pick them up. "Your friend Tara was very helpful!" shouts Trucker Cap. "Got downright chatty after I peeled all her skin off!" Wouldn't she just... die... without skin? It doesn't seem like something conducive to chattiness. Trucker Cap says he just wants Crowley and Dean, so he can bring them to Abaddon. "This lot all need to die," Crowley grumbles. Dean decides there are too many of them to fight, even though there are only six of them and he has the bloody King of Hell with him. He should be like, "Yo, snap your fingers and turn them all into ground chuck, your royal jerkness!" Instead, he goes about blockading the doors.

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