Remember the Titans

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Inexplicably, she walks them out of the factory instead of just killing them on the spot. This gives everybody more time for talking, of course. "You know who this is, Dean, walking us to our deaths?" Sam asks. "It's our god, Artemis, the goddess of hunters. See, she's who we pray to for courage when hunting the gorgon or the minotaur." Sam is trying to get under her skin. They don't actually pray to her, but Dean looks mighty confused. Sam goes on, "Of course, she's not really worship-worthy anymore, having lost a step and all." It works, and Artemis flings them against the nearest wall. "Like hell I have," she scoffs. Shouldn't that be, "Like Tartarus I have."? Sam continues to taunt her for not being able to find Prometheus in the last seven years. He makes the leap that maybe she didn't want to find him. "He was in love with you, you know, he told us," Sam says. Artemis, who'd been just about ready to filet Sam with her uncharacteristic dagger, pauses.

Back on the factory floor, Zeus is having some fun with torturing Prometheus, first with lightning hands to the gut, and then with some good old-fashioned beating.

Meanwhile, Artemis the staunch virgin goddess has turned into an insecure schoolgirl. "What did he say to you?" she asks. "That it wasn't the first time he escaped that mountain," Sam says, "and that you let him go free as long as you'd hide your little trysts from the old man." He's making more leaps than a kangaroo in the mating season. He goes on to say that it wasn't until Zeus saw the zombie article that Artemis had to look for Prometheus again. He got all that from those two glancing at each other? And Dean doesn't even know where to get a common crystal? "Go ahead, kills us, and let your father slaughter that boy," Sam says. Artemis is having major feels and she doesn't know what to do about it.

So I'll take this time to explore why it's so silly for Artemis to be in this story. They could have gone with Britomartis, also a virgin goddess of hunting and daughter of Zeus, but not as widely known as Artemis. Even people like me, who aren't especially well-versed in Greek mythology, know about Artemis's storied refusal of physical love. (I only remembered Britomartis because she was the inspiration for a knitting pattern I rather like.) How did they even settle on Artemis? She has to be one of the least logical choices the show could have made.

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