Remember the Titans

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Lair O' Letters. Sam pours himself a glass of water from the tap, swishes it around his mouth and makes an expression of surprise. With a dainty cough, he spits the water back into the glass, which swirls bright red. Sam looks around, presumably to make sure Dean isn't watching him, and leans over the sink. He spits out a stream of pure blood. He hurries to wash away all evidence of his new illness -- which I shall henceforth be referring to as "trialberculosis" -- just as Dean saunters into the hub. Dean's bare legs make a rare appearance, and it's quite a shock. It's been a while since those gams saw the light of day, but they manage to be just as evenly tanned as the rest of his physique. Dean takes note of Sam scrubbing both the sink and his mouth. "What's up with you?" he asks. Sam, trying not to hemorrhage too blatantly, quickly answers that everything is fine, totally fine and he's absolutely not secretly dying. Dean looks like he knows he's being lied to and is a bit fed up with it, but doesn't push. Instead, he gripes about Kevin taking so long with the next part of the translation. Sam sticks up for Kevin a bit, saying it's not easy to translate the tablet without any help. Which, you know, just makes it look weird that Kevin isn't at the Lair O' Letters. The place has to be chock-full of "help," right? I'm certainly not eager to have God's Grubbiest Prophet hanging around the place all the time like Cousin Oliver, but they need to come up with a better excuse.

Dean sums up their current situation: "So, no word from Cass, Kevin's taking his sweet little time and you're acting cagey." Sam goes to his default puppy dog face, but Dean's only mentioning all this in passing, and not as an entree to another bicker match. "We need to leave before I start climbing these walls," Dean says. In those boxer shorts? Please do! "In that case," Sam says, "I can give you zombies." He hands Dean a tabloid paper, open to an article about the eagle-pecked pedestrian from the teaser. Headline: HUMAN ROADKILL TURNS ZOMBIE. Dean is skeptical, but Sam reminds him about the time that Bobby's wife came back to life. Even though Dean is currently reading the article for himself, Sam goes ahead and tells him everything about it. Dean looks a wee bit intrigued...

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