Remember the Titans

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... so they suit up and drive to Montana, land of gold and silver and possibly zombies. Their first stop is the Great Falls Sheriff's Department, to talk to the trooper who filed the report. "Since when did the feds start tracking zombie activity?" the trooper asks. "We don't track zombie activity," Dean says, "because there's no such thing as zombies." The trooper describes the very dead condition in which he found the body. "People don't walk away from that -- zombies do." Dean rolls his eyes and suggests the possibility that the body was dragged away by something. The trooper says that there was only one set of footprints and no drag marks. "You didn't look for him?" Dean asks. "It's grizzly country," scoffs the trooper. Also maybe zombie country.

A young lady working in the office calls them over to her computer. With impeccable timing, the county morgue has just sent over a report from the coroner. The same man the trooper found has turned up dead of what they presume was an animal attack. "That's the dead guy?" Dean asks. The trooper is all riled up. "Dead my ass! That's a zombie, boys!" The Winchesters offer to head over to the morgue themselves, and ask the trooper to stay behind just in case more zombies start popping up. As Sam and Dean turn to go, the trooper calls after them. "Boys, aim for the head!" They probably would anyway, but thanks for the advice.

Next stop: Morgue. The body on the table seems pretty normal, but they check his teeth just to be sure. Nothing monstrous there, so Sam pulls down the sheet a bit for more of a look. He sees a ragged wound in the corpse's side. "What's going on over here?" he asks. "Liver was eaten," says the coroner. "Best guess is a bird got at it." The Winchesters head out into the hallway with a sigh. "Gotta say, I'm a little disappointed," Dean says. "Yeah, because you wanted to shoot zombies," Sam says. "Damn straight I wanted to shoot zombies," Dean duhs. While they discuss whether or not there's anything supernatural about the case, the dead guy wakes up. The claw marks all over his body fade and his complexion regains its healthful glow. He sits up, pulls the sheet around him and hops off the table. The Winchesters apparently have terrible peripheral vision, because even though this is all happening through a window off to their side, they see absolutely nothing going on. It's only when they finally turn fully towards the window that they notice that the corpse has done scampered off somewhere.

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